September 2019

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Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone is enjoying the change of season.  I know I will enjoy turning off my AC and opening some windows - hopefully soon!!   In a couple of weeks Arizona will enter the heavenly months where weather will be nearly perfect until about May - hooray. 

Come for a visit! I must warn you that you may not want to leave.  The good news is if you decide to stay I can help you find a new home! 

I hope you pick up some interesting tips this month and definitely try the recipe, it's a good one.  As always thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter.  If you know someone you think would enjoy reading it too by all means pass it along. 

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Color Mix 2019 

Every year Sherwin Williams comes out with their mix of colors for the year, plus one color they deem as the "color of the year."  This year Cavern Clay was named the color of the year.  It's actually a perfect Southwestern color and a great accent color for fall decor.   
The photo shown is right on trend with the lighter furniture, bronze metal accents on the lights and the black windows.  It's a great way to show how you blend a color that would initially seem very southwestern and show how it can work in any home.  Here are a couple of ways you can incorporate this color in your home:
1. Accent rugs with the color running through it.
2. If you have some inexpensive vases, that you use as accent pieces, repaint them with the seasonal color.   
3. Update curtain panels or just add a trim to the edge with stitch witch so you can remove later if you like.
4. In homes here in Arizona we have a lot of nooks so you could paint the back of the nook this color.
5. Lastly, buy pillow covers and stick your old pillow inside for a new look.  It may save you a little bit of money vs buying a whole new pillow.
Here's the master color list for 2019.  You can see the neutral colors all have a grayish hue from them so it softens all of the colors just a bit.

Airplanes Have Names - Who Knew?

Did you know that we are currently in the "shoulder season?"  It is the gap between the end of summer travel and the start of holiday travel.  Often you can find the best travel deals during this time of the year because not a lot of people are traveling.
On this travel theme, I thought I'd bring you a little tidbit regarding planes. According to travel guru Peter Greenberg, some planes actually have names.  He states that "there was a time when almost every airline named each of its planes much like a ship is named.  Now, only about 30 airlines still name their vessels"
How are names derived? 
British Airways names its jets with the names of British cities and towns.
KLM does the same plus it adds some world heritage sites and flowers.
Qantas adorns its A380s with the names of famous Australian aviation pioneers.
Virgin uses musical names.
Aer Lingus' planes are named for Irish saints.
Hawaiian Airlines names its wide-body aircraft for constellations in the sky, as a tribute to ancient Polynesian navigation.
And the name for every JetBlue plane includes the word "blue" in it, which makes for some eye-catching and often hilarious titles.
Newer Airline - La Compagnie
I'd never heard of this airline, probably because it's a small boutique all business class, airline and only flies between Newark and Paris.  Apparently, the seats have a built-in massaging mechanism - how nice would that be on a long flight?  The rates can be really competitive, so it can be a great option to try a business class seat if prices are too high on other carriers.


7 Kitchen Hacks

 I love a good tip or hack as some people refer to them.  Here are a few I thought were worth passing along.

Shine up your utensils
To rid utensils of watermarks or blemishes, fill a mixing bowl with water and add a generous pinch of baking soda.  Drop in the utensils and cover the bowl with aluminum foil for about 2 minutes.  Remove and dry completely.  Just in time for the upcoming holiday season. 
Electric cooktop cleaner 
For a sparkling finish to your smooth top electric stove, dampen the corner of a microfiber cloth with vodka then wipe the surface and then make a martini with the rest of the vodka:)  The alcohol breaks down the food buildup and creates a streak-free finish. The martini makes you forget any bad parts of your day.

Remove sticker residue from glass 
Why do they always put stickers on the glass on picture frames?  This is a new way to get the leftover glue off.  Put a bit of creamy peanut butter on a paper towel and rub it in a circular motion until the glue is lifted.  Clean off residue with soap and water.
Burned on mess eraser 
When burned food sticks to your cookware, fill it with an inch or two of water, add a drop of dish soap and then boil for about 5 minutes.  Drain the soapy water and the mess should slide off when wiped with a wet sponge or cloth.
Storing Cast Iron Pans
After using wash & dry the pan normally. Before storing wrap the pan in paper towel to ensure all moisture is absorbed and the pan won't rust.
Handheld steamer uses
Aside from pressing your clothes straight, you can also run it over your stovetop to loosen caked-on food.  I've also heard people will use steamers to clean grill grates. 
Clear cloudy glasses
If your glassware is cloudy, hold each cup upside down over a steaming kettle.   Wipe the steam and smudges away with a microfiber cloth.  I've also tried pouring about a cup of white vinegar in my dishwasher which also seems to help.

courtesy of real simple

Flight Know How  

Have you had a flight booked, checked that it was on-time only to get to the airport and have it show canceled or delayed?  This has been happening a lot lately, especially with international flights.  So what can you do to prevent this scenario?

I just watched a video featuring Peter Greenberg and he recommends obtaining the tail/registration number for your flight before you leave for the airport.  This number is the key to finding out exactly where your plane is and if it will arrive in time for your flight out.  

How to obtain the Tail Number/Registration Number?

1. Call the airline and ask for the tail number for your flight


1. Search for the Tail / Registration Number:
  • Get hold of the flight number, such as LH123 or AA789 for instance. ...
  • Enter it on a site such as or
  • Note down the registration (such as N1234A or D-ABYT) for the flight on the day you are interested in.
  • Enter it into the app or website and it will show you all of the flight tracking information.
Peter Greenberg suggested the app FlightAware. This app and website are great because you can see current and upcoming flights plus set alerts.

Note: These sites seem to work best the day before or the day of your flight.


courtesy of Stack Exhange, Peter Greenberg
5 Ingredient Energy Bites

This tasty, easy, no-bake recipe was given to me by my good friend Linda.  They are a healthy pick me up when hunger strikes during the day.  Note: I cannot be responsible if you eat the entire batch in one sitting! :) It's easy to do as they are delicious!!

  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup mini semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup ground flax seed
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter (crunchy or creamy)
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  1. With a food processor or blender, grind up oatmeal and chocolate chips into a powder.
  2. In a bowl, mix well the ground up oats and flax seed. Add peanut butter (creamy or chunky) and vanilla.
  3. Heat your honey for about 10 sec to thin it out, then add to the bowl. Stir until well combined. Let set in fridge for at least 10 minutes.
  4. Using your hands, round out to 1 inch bites. Put in the freezer to enjoy later!
- Originally found on Pinterest or

health_food_heart.jpg Diabetes: What You Need to Know

Did you know that diabetes is the fastest growing chronic disease in the country?  I'm guessing you know at least one person with one form of this disease.

Here are a few things you need to know to help get you up to speed on this disease:

What is Diabetes? Diabetes interferes with the body's ability to turn food into energy.  This causes glucose to build up in the bloodstream, which can damage blood vessels.

Type 1 vs Type 2?

Type 1 - the pancreas doesn't make insulin, which is the hormone that shuttles glucose to cells to use as fuel.  To survive, a person must inject themselves with insulin daily.

Type 2 - The pancreas makes insulin but the cells are resistant to it and won't allow glucose in.  This type can be managed with diet, exercise and medication.

Quick Facts:
1. Fifty percent of moms who had temporary gestational diabetes during pregnancy go on to develop type 2 within 10 years.

2. Nine percent of Americans have diabetes.  That's double the number from 2010!

3. Just five nights of sleeping four hours a night spikes insulin resistance by up to 40%.  I have several friends who hopefully just read that fact.

4. Smoking triggers the release of stress hormones that cause insulin resistance.  It boosts diabetes risk by about 30 percent.

5. Eating too much sugar does not cause diabetes, that's a myth...otherwise, I would've had it by age 10.  However, a low quality, high-calorie diet can contribute to weight gain and can increase your chances of developing type 2. 

6. The more body fat you have the more insulin-resistant your cells become.  This increases your risk for type 2.  The more insulin-resistant your cells become the easier it is to gain weight.  It's a vicious cycle.

7. Family risk - Having just one parent or a sibling with the disease - or two aunts, uncles or grandparents, from the same side of the family, increases your risk considerably.

8. They estimate that about one-third of people with diabetes have not yet been diagnosed.  Everyone age 45 and older needs to be screened.  Your risk increases with age...yay more good news about aging.

The best way to avoid developing type 2, as Type 1 is thought to be mostly genetic, is to get moving.  Doing 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily, eat less red meat and enjoy more beans and nuts in your diet.  This combination can help slash your risk. 

Courtesy of:

Pumpkins 3 Ways 

I love to decorate for fall.  It can be fun and whimsical.  Here are just a few ideas on how you can use either real or artificial pumpkins and create some really unique pieces for your home.

I've made the pumpkin topiary, similar in design to the one on the right, but I used real pumpkins that can get quite heavy.  The other problem with real pumpkins, in Arizona, is that javelina (ugly large rodents that looks like a wild pig) love to eat them.  If you're going to display your pumpkins make sure they are up high so they can't be reached or are behind a gate.  I learned this the hard way.

You can go cute, like on the left, or for a more refined look do something like on the right.  The great part is you can paint them to go with your interior colors.

Another bonus to using fake pumpkins is you can repaint them year after year and try something new.

** Send me your pictures!!  Another idea is to get mini pumpkins and write guests names on them for place cards for Thanksgiving dinner or if you are having a fall cute would that look on the table!

Until Next Month.....
As always thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read this newsletter.  Also, if you have a great recipe or helpful hint you are willing to share please send it to me at:  Thank you!!