Great Ideas for Winter Break 
Winter Break Science

We have great suggestions for science activities students can do at home to create, explore, and experiment with hands-on science over the break. 
Seasonal Science Fun
Science Buddies Wreath
Ask a Group of Scientists to Decorate...
Science Buddies' staff members brought STEM to their holiday office decorations when they used science project materials to create the wreath shown. 

Can you find these science supplies in the Science Buddies wreath?
  • 3 red alligator clip cables
  • 24 conical Falcon tubes (15mL) 
  • 20 LED lights
  • 3 Advanced Bristlebots

Be creative and make your own STEM-inspired wreath! What materials can you find in your junk drawer, lab, or left over from your science project? We would love to see your science project materials wreath! Snap a photo and email us at or post to Instagram and tag SciBuddy.

If you think the Advanced Bristlebots in their hats are cute, consider making your own holiday robots. With a bit of creativity, you can make seasonal Brushbots, Art Bots, Bristlebots, Junkbots, Vibrobots, BlueBots, or Advanced Bristlebots!
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Happy Holidays from Science Buddies!
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