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Fun-Size or Big Bar?
I got a Christmas kiss in church on Sunday. Yes, right in the middle of service. You probably wish you had been there, right? I admit, it was sweet, but probably not what you are envisioning.
As part of the Children’s Message the Pastor gave each of the kids a chocolate kiss, but not for themselves. They were to give it to someone else and I was one of the lucky ones. Next, they were given a fun-size candy bar and again asked to give it away. No problem. Then a full-size candy bar, again not for themselves, but to give to someone else. Hmmmm, what would you do?

It was a practice in giving, a good message, and with each step, a little bit harder to give away what they were holding in their hands. It was easy to do when it was small, but a full-size candy bar?

You and I are sometimes like that, too, aren’t we? Here at Christmas we have no problem sharing trinkets and tips, gifts and goodwill, but when the giving starts to cut into what we think we should have for ourselves (our own toys, our own time, our own comfort), well, too often we settle for fun-size giving, instead of following the example of the one we worship at Christmas. And Jesus — He gave us His all.

I hope you enjoy the stories in our EVERY newsletter this month. Your giving is helping reach young people in Rwanda, young people like “Rao” in Pakistan, and so many more all over the world.

I love what one of our partners, Tim Oitzman, said after visiting the Youth for Christ ministry in Rwanda and seeing it first-hand: “We went away understanding how important the money we spend on little things here can really change lives over there. We left going — we want to do more!”
I want to challenge you this Christmas to do more, to give away the big candy bar.
  • If you have never given to Youth for Christ International before, how about giving $34? That is the approximate amount it takes to engage one young person in direct ministry.
  • If you want to stretch a bit, how about giving $107? One dollar in honor of each of the nations in which God is working through Youth for Christ.
  • If that is not a big candy bar for you, or you already give at that level, how about a gift of $571 (or $48 a month. Though you can’t put a price tag on the eternal value of a young person coming to follow Christ, that is about how much it cost per young person responding to the Gospel last year).
  • You may be able to give more than you think. How about a gift of $2,019 in expectation of what God is going to do this next year through you and Youth for Christ International? A monthly gift of $168 and you are there. Or give it all at once if that is easier.
  • Most importantly, ask God what he wants you to do.

The kids were asked at the end of the little giving exercise what the experience was like. “It was fun!” they all said. That is what the Lord wants you to experience as you give joyfully to reach young people around the world.

With Christmas Joy and Gratitude,

Bryan Blomker
Director of Development

PS - For those of you in the USA, give online or postmark your check by December 31 to receive any 2018 tax benefits.
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Your generosity ensures that lost young people have the opportunity to be followers of Jesus. You are reaching young people everywhere.