A Message From the Executive Director
November is the perfect time to remind each another about the many things we have to be grateful for. Thanksgiving is so much more than just a big family gathering. It gives us a chance to ponder the lessons we have learned and how we can spread good will as well as giving us a chance to look back at all the great memories and good people who have come into our lives. We appreciate you so much and thank you for helping us achieve our mission of preparing children for kindergarten ready to read and ready to learn! Happy Thanksgiving Day to you all. 
Parent Involvement and Special Events
Parent Cooking Class with UF/IFAS Family Nutrition Program
Our parents had a great time at the free cooking class hosted by University of Florida Institute of Food and Agriculture Family Nutrition Program. Health and nutrition classes are being offered monthly at Fun Time Academy and we hope that our parents will continue to sign up for them and learn how to make a variety of tasty, low-cost healthy dishes for their families.

At this month's cooking class, parents learned how being healthy and cooking well-balanced meals. They made yogurt parfaits using fruit, yogurt and granola.

Marianella, the instructor, explained the "My Plate" model and how to eat from every food group. She stressed the importance of eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins, and dairy or fortified soy alternatives.
United Arts Council Theater Classes
Theater class this month focused on acting out a colorful autumn tale about ten turkeys getting ready for an important celebration. The story "Ten Thankful Turkeys", written by Angela Muse, taught the children about gratitude. They acted out the tale and used their imaginations while interacting with each another.
In the play based on a book, some of the turkeys prepared food such as pies, potatoes, cranberry sauce and salad. All the turkeys young and old enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal together. Role playing helped the children develop communication skills while building vocabulary. They were able to use agility, balance, and coordination to act out the story and learned many turkey facts too. Did you know that turkeys can run at speeds of up to 25 miles an hour and fly as fast as 55 miles an hour? The turkeys were thankful to celebrate with those they hold dear, just like many of you do year after year. We hope you will this year too!
In The Classroom
This month the children have been learning about families and how they don't all look the same. Our children were proud to share pictures of their families and introduce their classmates to the people they love the most. They also engaged in fun experiences like making up their own families and drawing family portraits. Allowing the children to create their own families gave them the chance to be creative and realize that there are many different ways that people can be a family. 
Fall Festival and Fun Time Family Feast
This month we invited families to attend our fall festival and Fun Time Family Feast. Children prepared their costumes for the fall parade in classrooms while learning about what happens in the fall like why the leaves change color, how the temperature drops, how plants stop making food, how animals prepare for the long months ahead, and how daylight hours shorten. They also learned about gratitude and different family celebrations as well as the way we celebrate Thanksgiving and give thanks for all that we have been given.
At the Fall Festival the children paraded around the car loop in their fall costumes. Afterwards, parents were invited to join their children in the classrooms for Thanksgiving lunch. Family style dining happens every day at the center and we were delighted to have families see how independent their children are during mealtime. The children showed their parents how they serve themselves independently or with very little help. They talked with their family about the delicious home made food that chef Lorena prepared for them. We always encourage children to try new foods and engage in social interactions. We also understand the importance of engaging families within our program. A special thanks to our chef, staff and teachers for making this a memorable day that families will long remember!
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