"Who's behind those Foster Grants?"

The story: Seaside staffers took a weekend trip to Keewaydin Island. As they were beaching the boat, a woman onshore gave them a hand. In thanking her, Seaside Administrator Cindy Schuetz, RN remarked, "You must be a nurse!" 

 "I am!" she replied, "Why do you assume that?"

"Because you immediately jumped up to lend us a hand," was Cindy's reasoning.

The reason we're sharing: Because the helpful nurse was none other than Denise Beckman. In the photo above, she's pointing to her left hip, which was recently replaced at Seaside Surgery Center by Dr. Robert Zehr.

Nurses by nature are caring, helpful individuals. When a group of consummate professionals, like our Seaside staffers, bond as a workplace "family," the concerned, caring atmosphere they produce is almost tangible. If you haven't experienced it already, you should. If you know of someone facing surgery whose case could possibly be treated at Seaside, forward this newsletter to them using the link above. We'd love to care for those you care about!

You're the only one for us....
"Can't say enough about the wonderful staff. They made me feel like I was their only patient and I received great care from everyone at Seaside Surgery Center. Also, the following day after surgery, I received a call to check on how I was doing (nice!)."

-Karen Allen

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