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is a national award-winning website devoted to family caregivers. The interactive site provides easy access to the comprehensive information, local resources and support you need to care for your loved ones. 
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As always, we would like to express our gratitude to Avidia Bank, our Community Partner, whose generous support helps increase and enhance our efforts to support and assist area family caregivers.
Website Highlight offers a lot of information and support for caregivers to learn HOW TO BE A CAREGIVER.

In each newsletter, we will highlight an aspect  of our award-winning website. 

In this issue, we are highlighting several agencies that can aid you when a loved one requires additional support or needs a long-term care facility. 

Learn about the various agencies and programs at the local, state and federal level that offer benefits to your care recipient or can assist you in your caregiving role.

Adult Family Care Program
Designed to help people on MassHealth age 16 or older who cannot safely live alone.  Details »

Home Care Program
A state program that provides on-going case management and home-based services to elders. Details »

Information about Massachusetts' health insurance and long-term care coverage program for low income and elderly residents. Details »

Information about the federal health insurance program for people age 65 and older and certain people under 65 with disabilities. Details »

Personal Care Attendant Program
MassHealth program that helps people with long-term disabilities live independently with funds to hire personal care attendants. Details »

Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE)
State program to provide comprehensive long-term services to people age 55 & up who would need a  nursing home.  Details »
Senior Care Options
Info on health insurance program for dually eligible Medicare and Medicaid recipients, 65 years of age or older. Details »

Serving the Health Information Needs of Everyone (SHINE)
A program that provides health insurance information, assistance and counseling to Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers.  Details »

Social Security
Info about federal social insurance program that provides guaranteed benefits to qualified retired workers. Details »

Veterans Affairs
Info on programs, benefits and services available to veterans of the U.S. Armed Services and their caregivers. Details »

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Caregiving Support Programs in MetroWest
Available programs for caregiver support
The informal support provided by  family caregivers  is vital but often underappreciated. It hasn't been totally ignored, however, and in fact support for family caregivers was formally written into law when the National Family Caregiver Support Program was established as part of the Older Americans Act Amendments of 2000.

The Administration on Aging notes that the program calls for all states, working in partnership with Area Agencies on Aging and local community service providers, can help assist family caregivers in a variety of ways, including:

1. Information to caregivers about available services.

2. Assistance to caregivers in gaining access to the services.

3. Individual counseling, organizing  support groups , and caregiver training to assist caregivers in making decisions and solving problems related to their caregiving roles.

4. Respite  care to enable caregivers to be temporarily relieved from their caregiving responsibilities.

5. Supplemental services, on a limited basis, to complement the care provided by family caregivers.

Caregiver Support Programs in MetroWest
Each of the four Massachusetts Aging Services Access Points (ASAPs) serving communities in MetroWest offers a Caregiver Support Program:

For a complete list of available programs, locations, and eligibility information, visit our website by

"A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything." 
- Irish proverb
August, 2019
How to Beat the Heat
Fun summer activities to do with older adults.
When we think of summer activities, we think of swimming, camping, hiking, fishing, sports and a bunch of other activities that require energy, being in the sun and the heat. 

But what if you are caregiving for someone older who cannot handle the heat well or who has limited mobility or tires easy? What things can you do together that are fun, but accommodate your  care recipient's limitations?

Here are a few ideas we came up with...
But we'd love to hear some of yours! We will add them to the post!! Email Debra at  
  1. Take a car ride and go sight-seeing. 
  2. Make a date to watch the sunrise. 
  3. Go to a museum. 
  4. Go to your local library. 
  5. Enjoy free live music in your town!
Read more at our blog Caregiving Chronicles

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
On The Wellness Wall, BayPath Caregiver Specialist Karen Trilligan offers advice, tips, thoughts, and insights for family caregivers. Check out Karen's latest tips below.

In today's society, many grandparents are finding themselves in the sudden life-altering position of becoming the primary caregiver or guardian for their grandchildren.

In many instances, grandparents will not have the benefit of time to prepare for their new role. Therefore, they are typically unaware of the range of benefits, supports, and services that are available to help them fulfill their caregiving role. 

BayPath offers a no-cost Family Caregiver Support Program that provides one-on-one guidance to help caregivers navigate this new journey. These services are provided to grandparents or other non-parental relatives aged 55 or older caring for a child under the age of 18 or an adult with a disability aged 18-59. offers detailed information, resources, and educational tools that will help you find the right support for you. Specifically, you can click this link to go directly to our information page for grandparents raising grandchildren.

Caregiving Tip of the Month 
Note: This write up was inspired by and is an expansion of The Wellness Wall post above, written by Karen Trilligan.

Issues grandparents may face when raising their grandchildren

Several factors come into play that can make the role of being a grandparent raising your grandchild a difficult one, especially if entered into with out w ithout support. A few key factors include:

The Generation Gap.
Having raised their children a few decades earlier, it is not uncommon for grandparents to not understand the current societal pressures their grandchildren face. Though these difficulties are simply due to a generation gap, it creates a problematic barrier between the two that is anything but simple to alleviate. A support group can help you learn how to bridge this gap. 

Navigating the legal system.
There are many instances when the parent is still the legal guardian, but the grandparent has become the primary caregiver. How do you establish legal rights as a healthcare proxy or to be able to make life impacting decisions on behalf of the child? For more information regarding legal resources and services, The Commission On The Status Of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren website offers an informative video

Health Restrictions.
Health and mobility in a grandparent can be more restrictive than a parent in their 20's or 30's. Physical limitations can add another layer of complication to raising a young, active child. What can a grandparent do to ensure their grandchild enjoys a vibrant and fun childhood? The Massachusetts Family Resource Centers (FRCs) is a good start to look for support.

Still in the workforce.
Grandparents, who are still working, are suddenly in the position to find suitable childcare. A grandparent who is still employed has to suddenly change their entire schedule to fit the designated timetable for daycare or school pickup and drop off. They also have the added pressure of finding a reliable service so that they do not feel guilt caused by the fear of leaving their child there. There is also the matter of cost. A licensed, well respected professional daycare can be expensive. If you need Financial guidanceThe Commission On The Status Of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren website offers info to help you see what you may be eligible for. 

The Commission On The Status Of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, was established by the Commonwealth to serve as a resource on issues affecting grandparents and all relatives raising grandchildren. They have an interactive website that is devoted to education, resources, programs, and support for a non-parental relative who is raising grandchildren.

Massachusetts Family Resource Centers are a statewide network of community-based providers offering multi-cultural parenting programs, support groups, early childhood services, information and referral resources and education for families whose children range in age from birth to 18 years of age. Supported by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services and the Department of Children and Families, a Family Resource Center is located in each of the 14 Massachusetts counties.

This information has b een written by: Debra McDonagh, Social Media Coordinator and editor of the Caregiving Chronicles blog You can reach Debra at .
Upcoming Events
BayPath Workshops

Classes to begin in August! 
A FREE six-session training series for family and friends who are active caregivers of a loved one with Alzheimer's or another form of DementiaSavvy Caregiver will help you understand the impact of dementia on you and the person you are caring for. In this course, you will learn the skills you need to manage daily life and strategies to minimize stress. We will share practical ideas for taking control and setting goals and how to communicate more effectively. Techniques include strengthening family resources, and how to achieve a better balance between caregiving and your own self-care.
When:  Class meets for 6 weeks each Thursday, starting August 22 from 12 p.m. - 2 p.m.
(Class dates: August 22 & 29, September 5, 12, 19, 26)
Hosted at:  Hudson Senior Center, 29 Church St, Hudson, MA
Respite Care:  11:30 AM-2:30 PM Call  in Advance to arrange respite care: 978-568-9638.  Includes Lunch (Donations appreciated)
To Register or if you have questions:  Call our Healthy Living Coordinator Renee D'Argento at  (508) 573-7251   
For more details:  click here

Classes to begin in September!
BayPath Elder Services, through our Healthy Living Program, is offering an 8-week course to help anyone concerned about falls and anyone interested in improving balance, flexibility, and overall strength. 
When: Wednesdays from 12:30 - 2:30 from September 25 through November 13, 2019.
Hosted at: Hopkinton Senior Center,  28 Mayhew Street, Hopkinton, MA.
To Register or if you have questions:
Renee D'Argento, BayPath Healthy Living Coordinator, is a certified "A MATTER OF BALANCE" trainer. Call Renee: (508) 573-7251
For more details:  click here

Alzheimer's Association Workshops

Effective Communication Strategies
Communication is more than just talking and listening - it's also about sending and receiving messages through attitude, tone of voice, facial expressions and body language. Learn how to apply communication techniques that will help you care for someone with Alzheimer's or another dementia.
Where: Sudbury Council On Aging, 40 Fairbank Rd, Sudbury
Date: Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Time: 12:30 PM - 01:15 PM
RSVP by Phone: (800) 272-3900

Alzheimer's Disease: A Journey Through Caregiving
Presented by Rose Grant, author of "I Left My Memory On A Bus Somewhere: A Bittersweet Journey Through Alzheimer's Disease. Rose will tell her inspirational journey, sharing with us the knowledge and tools she gained as a caregiver to her husband Jack who suffered from Alzheimer's disease.
Where: Callahan Senior Center, 535 Union Ave, Framingham
Date: Thursday, October 24, 2019
Time: 01:30 PM - 03:30 PM
RSVP: Call the Callahan Center (508) 532-5980

For more Alzheimer's Association seminars in your area click here:  COMMUNITY RESOURCE FINDER
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