To all our YMCA kids,
I know that being home is hard and can be a little boring!   Here are some fun things you can do while you are home.  I will be sending fun things for you to do on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week.  We miss you at the YMCA and hope to see you all soon!

Here are some ideas for you!
  1. Take a Virtual Trip to the San Diego Zoo.  They have videos, stories, activities and games you can do.
  2. Are you into space exploration?  Take a trip to Mars.
  3. Maybe you're into farms and farming (cows are my favorite).  Take a virtual tour at
  4. I've always wanted to learn to juggle but never had the time.  Now I do.  You too can learn and  I'll challenge you all to a juggling contest when we get back.
  5. What about Origami?  This website has so many creative ideas from Fortune Tellers to Cranes, Swans and Leaping Frogs.
Then there are activities that don't include the computer.
  1. Make up your own song, or take a current song and change the words.
  2. Invent your own card game.  
  3. Read a familiar book to family members and change the storyline or ending.  See if anyone notices.
Let me know what you are doing to keep busy and maybe I can share your ideas with others.

Be safe and stay healthy!  Enjoy the time with your family and I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Ms. Suzanne