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Enjoy Some Time with a Model

Game Nights at Fundemonium
Spend some time with a model this week and play games too!

If you like models we have a fun week for you. Starting on Monday and ending on Saturday we have a full agenda of modeling events.

Monday is Model Paint Night. Gather to share techniques and put some paint on your game minis or scale models.

Thursday is the Wine Country Modelers meeting. Celebrate building model cars of all kinds.

Saturday is Model Building Day. Spend the day working on your model projects, sharing tips, and talking sprue and glue.

As usual, we also have Game Nights every night this week. Scroll to the bottom of this newsletter to see them all.

Fun Events at Fundemonium:
We have FUN activities everyday and Game nights every night .
Scroll to the bottom of this newsletter for a list of weekly events.
Make Your Fundemonium Experience Golden
Have more FUN, Get more Rewards

We are launching our Golden Fun Club where you can increase your Fun Club benefits. For a $100 annual subscription you get:
  • Double rewards of 10% on everything you buy.
  • 5th Saturday Basket Sale discount of 25% Off.
  • A bigger bag to use during the 5th Saturday Basket Sale. (You get more stuff.)
  • The option to shift your 5th Saturday Basket Sale shopping to any day the week before the 5th Saturday. (You get first choice and added convenience.)
The added benefits can easily be worth more than the $100 subscription cost.

Congratulations to  Erik, Tim, and Billy for being our first Gold Fun Club memers!
Help Us Find More Fundemoniacs!
Who do you know who likes to have FUN at work.

We are looking for more great Fundemoniacs to join us. 

Basic requirements:
  • A little bit crazy
  • A lot of FUN
  • Friendly, approachable, and helpful with kids and adults
  • An entertainer rather than a clerk
Our most pressing need is someone who is experienced with and passionate about radio control hobbies and can share the fun with kids and adults just getting started.

Read our Radio Control Model Sales Pro description, download an application, and bring it to Fundemonium.
Pokemon Sword and Shield Prerelease
Saturday, January 25th, 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Fundemonium has been approved to host a Prerelease Event for the next set of Pokemon Cards,  Sword and Shield !
Experience the first cards featuring Pokemon from the Galar region before their official release!

Fun Events Every Day at Fundemonium

Come enjoy FUN activities every day at Fundemonium. 
Play your favorite games or learn a new one. We have featured game nights every week.

Monday: Momnificent - Free Play until 1:00pm
Monday:   Play Star Wars Legion 
Tuesday: Terrific Tuesday - Play and Pizza Deal
Wednesday: Dungeons & Dragons
Friday:  Friday Night Magic
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Steven and Jean Elliott
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