Fundamental Tone
The Newsletter of Area 1 | Volume XXXIV No. 1 | February 2019

News for and about Handbell Musicians
in Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine,
Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont 
News from our Area 1 Chair

Happy New Year! As I write this, it’s probably one of the coldest days on record so far this winter, and already we’re looking forward to a spring and summer of fun handbell events. By the time this issue o Fundamental Tone hits your inbox, I’ll be seeing many of you at our Winter Workshop at UMass/Amherst, and hearing the inaugural Distinctly New England choir under the leadership of Karen James. 

Carlene Ruesenberg
Area 1 Chair
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2019 Festival Conference Notes
I see notices for registration for the Area 1 Festival Conference popping up in my inbox and on Facebook. This week one of my ringers asked if our choir was planning to attend. Frankly, I dread the amount of work I have to do to prepare them musically, get them registered, work out the logistics of getting equipment transported and set up, helping my ringers take appropriate classes, and, of course, sorting out how we all pay for this event. What do I do?   ………. More...
Handbell choirs and individual ringers are invited to come together for the Connecticut Spring Ring on Saturday, March 30, 2019, at the HaddamKillingworth Middle School on Rt. 81 in Killingworth CT. ... More...
Greetings from your MA State Chair.
With mixed feelings I leave the schedule of the beautiful Advent and Christmas season behind, and plunge into the new year, planning for Lent, Easter, Spring Ring, and Festival Conference2019. So many opportunities for great handbell ringing. First on my list is to attend the Area1 Winter Workshop at UMass ... More...
Now is the time to register for the New Hampshire Spring Ring. We are looking forward to having you in Concord on Saturday, March 16. The information and registration materials are on the Area 1 More...
Many have asked about RI’s 2019 Spring Extravaganza – especially since the 2018 event was so well attended. Due the schedule of Spring Rings to be held in Area 1 combined with the...   More...
Vermont's Spring Ring and Director's Workshop - for more information... click here
AREA 1 wants to know about your handbell group
Directors and ringers , maybe missed this SnagASub notice! There's always a first time for seeing something, and we feel so strongly that this on-line "bulletin board" system-for-finding-a-sub will help to make the handbell community an even more friendly and helpful entity, that we may just keep posting this until you come on board.

We need you! At this time the pool of potential subs has grown to 50 ringers and directors, but in order to serve it's purpose, (since it covers a five-state area), it needs to be bigger! Once a ringer is in, it works exactly like an email:  [email protected] , then "battery ringer needed for (date, place, time, etc.)", and anyone in the group has the option to reply or ignore/delete. Please spread the word.

This is not just for directors and ringers who sometimes have a need for a sub, but is also for interested/brave persons who might love an opportunity to ring more and to get to know other ringers.

Please contact: Cindy, at [email protected]   or
                          Gail, at [email protected],

Want more info about Snag a Sub? Click here
Oh my, it’s half way through our loan year. As I check in with the groups who have chimes this year, it is time to start the processes of sharing this fabulous program... . More...
To learn more about the scholarship(s) available for individual(s) attending an Area 1 sponsored event ... Click here...
I am looking to assemble an exploratory committee of volunteers who wish to speak/discuss/brainstorm about how to include more young adults in handbell ringing.  More...

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