This Course offers 

Compact Class
Class size is limited to 
25 participants exclusively 
from  the non-profit sector.

There will be a modest 
amount of work required 
after each session.

Moderately Priced
Only  $300 for the complete course. Includes printed materials and coffee. 

*Please bring your own lunch.

Janice Goldsborough
CHRP, HR Consultant

Training Room #104

A series of training modules to elevate your HR management knowledge and skills
Recognizing that many non-profit organizations cannot afford to hire designated human resources managers, this program is designed to help Executive Directors and other organizational leaders provide more effective human resources management within their organizations.

Module 1: Policy Framework and Employment Legislation
Module 2: Getting the Right People
Module 3: Managing People and their Work
Module 4: Health and Safety-Workplaces that Work
Module 5: Training, Learning, and Development
Module 6: HR Planning and Wrap-up

Fundamentals of Human Resources is based on materials originally produced by the HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector, work that is now housed within Community Foundations of Canada. The Manitoba Federation of Non-Profit Organizations and Community Foundations of Canada are collaborating as partners in this initiative in Manitoba.
Manitoba Federation of Non-Profit Organizations 

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