Fundemonium is your FUN and SAFE Joy Store!
Felons, Fire, and FUN Oh My!
A comment on 2020 so far?

Not an accident.
We had an attempted break-in and a dumpster fire at Fundemonium, but that cannot stop us from serving FUN to you.

Early Saturday evening we got a call that the alarm went off at Fundemonium. "We have a signal that the side emergency exit is open," said the monitor. "No one should be at the store," I said, "I'm heading over, send the police." Someone had pried open the emergency exit but then run away when the alarm sounded. Rohnert Park police search Fundemonium but found nothing amiss.

When we opened on Sunday morning, we found that someone had enjoyed a dumpster fire behind Fundemonium. A burnt pile of trash was on the ground, our trash bin was charred and melted, and a can of lighter fluid was lying nearby. Why, I don't know. Not my idea of fun.

That won't stop Fundemonium.
We opened the store, set up some new displays, and provided great service and FUN toys to over 100 people. Keep reading to see what what FUN we have in store for you this week.
Turn Your Backyard into a FUN Adventure
Great outdoor toys at Fundemonium

Outdoor FUN for Everyone
FUN for sloths too!
At Fundemonium we have great outdoor toys to turn your yard into a zip line adventure, a campground, a water park, or a sports stadium. Stop at Fundemonium then get outside and play.

Our mini-golf course kit includes 5 holes, obstacles, a windmill, and light-up golf balls. 

We also have a Zip Line kit (sloth not included) to add some fast fun to your backyard.

Sports balls, Cornhole, Super Soakers, Frisbees, and many other outdoor toys are in stock now.
More RC returning to Fundemonium
Giant Monsters, crawlers, Traxxas, and boats

In Japanese, Kaiju means "strange creature;" in the movies it refers to a giant monster. 

We have the 1/8 scale Kaiju from Redcat Racing arriving this week. (Also more Wendigo, crawlers, and road cars.) 

A few Traxxas trucks found their way to us last week. We have Stampedes, Mustangs, and TRX-4 crawlers on back order and arriving soon.

Hot weather goes better with boats and we have restocked boats in 19in brushed and brushless models and a 26in brushless. 

If you are looking for more tanks, 1/18 scale trucks, or even an RC Gator Head, they will be arriving in August.

One of them is just right for you.
Games at Fundemonium
Praise the Emperor! This is the Week of Warhammer

The new Warhammer 40K lands at Fundemonium at the end of the week. We have presold all 30 copies from our original allotment... But Wait!

The Emperor is generous and is allowing us to place orders for more boxes. Get your order into Fundemonium before July 30th to be part of the second wave.

Magic Ikoria Commander 
If you missed them on the first wave, the Ikoria Commander decks are now back in stock at Fundemonium!

Pandemic Restock
Feels like it right?
If you want to test your skill at the game we are living through right now, we have fresh copies of Pandemic for you.

Maybe go back to simpler times and build a railroad with Ticket to Ride. We have that too.  
Models on the Way to Fundemonium
Get your plastic fix

Round 2 has announced their line up of AMT and MPC model kits coming in late August. 

There will be trucks, cars, show trikes, and the Moonraker Shuttle. Plus not pictured - AMT1193: 5-Car Haulaway Trailer.

We also have new Gundam, armor, and aircraft models arriving this week.

These are in our system and ready to order now.
Advanced RC Summer Camp is Full
July 27th to July 31st

Campers take this home!
The State Health Order affecting indoor recreation allows for children's Day Camps to continue. Fundemonium is following all safety guidelines.

Campers at Fundemonium will enjoy 5 days of FUN building a high quality remote control Traxxas Slash short course truck and take it home!

Special COVID-19 precautions will be followed.
Fundemonium is Hiring
Can you look friendly and happy in a mask?

Maybe you should work at Fundemonium.

We are seeking 1/2-time or full time Fundemoniacs for our RC department. 

If you like to have fun at work and help others experience the joy of radio controlled modeling, click here.

Experience with RC Flight is a plus.
(Yes, Funbot is driving a car. You can teach Funbot to fly)

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