Fundemonium is your stay at home FUN Store!
Help Bring Back a Better Fundemonium

Things will eventually change but they will never be the same. When restrictions start to be lifted, they will happen slowly, they will be difficult, but they will happen.

Looking for the bright side, I see the opportunity for at least three Grand Opening Celebrations.
  1. The day we can let a few shoppers into the store.
  2. The day we can allow small groups and activities.
  3. The day we can host parties again.
Those will all be great days for Fundemonium but we have to make a lot of changes in preparation.

I ask that you, our Fundemonium Fans, participate in helping us design those changes so that you will feel secure, safe, and welcomed returning to Fundemonium.

We have made some changes already with more product views on our website, taking orders by phone and email, and offering shipping and pick-up. 
What do you think of those?

When you can shop in the store again, what kind of experience will make you feel comfortable?

When we can host activities like game nights and club meetings again, what will you expect?

When we can host parties again, what will you expect?

You can email your suggestions to me at
Or fill out a survey on our website.

Of course all of our changes will be based on how restrictions are lifted, but we want to go beyond so that Fundemonium becomes your trusted choice for FUN shopping and activities.

Please forward and share with everyone you know looking for a local source for creativity and fun.
We are so grateful for your support.
Mothers' Day is less than two weeks away!
The kids are not making gifts at school! What will you do Dad?!?

Fundemonium can help.

Kid's crafts to touch Mom's heart plus puzzles, coloring, and painting sets she will enjoy doing herself.

Call us for suggestions at 707-540-0701
Time for a Virtual LEGO Show
Start building now! Entries accepted from May 1st to May 8th.

Fundemonium is hosting a virtual LEGO Show from May 1st to May 8th.

We will open the contest with a post on our Facebook page on May 1st. Reply to that post with a picture of your LEGO creation for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate.

- Open to all LEGO builders
- One LEGO creation per comment (multiple images of that LEGO in the comment OK)
- You can enter as many LEGO creations as you wish in multiple comments
- Each comment entry counts as one chance to win
- Random winner picked at the end to receive a $25 gift card.

We will announce the winner on May 9th.
Ready, Set, BUILD!
What Will You Find at Fundemonium?
Shop our virtual aisles!

Fundemonium has a huge selection of Toys, Models, Games, Science, Trains, and Radio Control vehicles.

Views of what we have on our shelves in each category are posted on our Facebook page and now to our website.

Here are "virtual shelves" you can view in our Facebook albums. Call us to place an order.
Call: 707-540-0701
Fundemonium Ships!
We will ship the Fundemonium to you!

Fundemonium is closed to public shopping but that does not mean you have to live without Fundemonium.

We are taking phone orders and we can ship your orders using Priority Mail from the Postal Service. 

Give us a call between 10am and 5pm Monday through Saturday.

You can also email us at

If you call before 4:00pm we will get your order processed and shipped the same day.
Please Like our page on Facebook at:

Learn more about Fundemonuim and all that we offer at:
Thank you,
Steven and Jean Elliott
Fundemonium! | 579 Rohnert Park Expressway West | (707) 540-0701