Fundemonium is your healthful FUN Store!
This is a marathon. Let's run it together.
Young and ready to ride.
I was a distance runner in high school and transitioned to distance cycling in college. (One of our early dates for me and Jean was a 2-day 200 mile bike ride along the Mississippi River Valley.)

Endurance athletes talk about, "Hitting the Wall," that point where everything seems to be coming apart and you don't know if you can make it to the end.

Jean and I have struggled with the wall, What are we allowed to do? How can we do it? How do we keep Fundemonium going? How do we pay our employees?

I know many of you are pushing against the wall too. How do I protect my family? How can I keep the kids occupied and unafraid? How do I relieve my stress?

Keys to pushing through the wall include envisioning the celebration at the end and connecting with others in the effort. 

For me, I envision the day when Fundemonium is again full of people laughing, playing, and having parties. I also relish the phone calls, emails, and Facebook messages you send asking about FUN products or just offering support.

Let us help you envision FUN times again. Call us for information about games to play, projects to make, and how to get that toy working again. We want to help.

We feel that we are finding our pace for this run and we will make it to the celebration at the end. Join us at that celebration. 
We are grateful for your support.
Fundemonium Ships!
We will ship the Fundemonium to you!

Fundemonium is closed to public shopping but that does not mean you have to live without Fundemonium.

We are taking phone orders and we can ship your orders using Priority Mail from the Postal Service. 

We offer curbside pick up too, no entering the store.

Give us a call between 10am and 5pm Monday through Saturday.

You can also email us at

If you call before 4:00pm we will get your order processed and shipped the same day.
What Will You Find at Fundemonium?
Shop our virtual aisles!

Arts and Crafts
Radio Control
Fundemonium has a huge selection of Toys, Models, Games, Science, Trains, and Radio Control vehicles.

Views of what we have on our shelves in each category are posted on our Facebook page and soon to our website.

Here are "virtual shelves" you can view in our Facebook alums.
Call: 707-540-0701
New Items Still Arriving
Educational Workbooks and Brick Hutt Minifigs!

Educational Workbooks
Our large educational resources order arrived this week. We have workbooks covering Pre-K through 6th grade in many subjects and flash cards too.

Also very exciting is our arrangement with the Brick Hutt to bring you their assortment of minifigs. The picture does not do the collection justice. Call us and we can find the right minifig for you.

Call: 707-540-0701
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Thank you,
Steven and Jean Elliott
Fundemonium! | 579 Rohnert Park Expressway West | (707) 540-0701