Fundemonium is your safe and essential FUN Store!
Open for FUN! Restocking and Rehiring
We are ready to safely serve you

Even ED-209 is masked-up
Fundemonium has qualified as an essential business.

We are open seven days a week from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm to serve you.

We are developing plans to remodel for better displays and safer distanced shopping.

Speaking of better displays, we are restocking and receiving new items daily. Scroll down to see some new arrivals.

We are also coordinating with our colleagues in the Fun Zone of Rohnert Park to develop a proposal for reopening family recreation businesses. I look forward to when we can welcome gamers, modelers, and racers to meet at Fundemonium again.

Fundemonium is hiring!
We need another Fundemoniac in our RC department. Some one with RC flying experience is preferred.
Scroll down to read more.

Please forward and share with everyone you know looking for a local source for creativity and fun.
We are so grateful for your support.
Fundemonium is Hiring
Can you look friendly and happy in a mask?

Maybe you should work at Fundemonium.

We are seeking 1/2-time or full time Fundemoniacs for our RC department. 

If you like to have fun at work and help others experience the joy of radio controlled modeling, click here.

Experience with RC Flight is a plus.
(Yes, Funbot is driving a car. You can teach Funbot to fly)

New Arrivals at Fundemonium
Look at what is in-store for you at Fundemonium

New Puzzles
A big puzzle shipment from Educa includes some 3000, 2000, and 1500 piece puzzles as well as many 1000 and 500 piece puzzles.

See our full gallery of puzzles on our website.
New Coloring Books
Need more color in your life?
We have a new batch of intermediate to advanced coloring books in stock.

See our full gallery of Arts and Crafts on our website.
New Games
We have the latest Magic Ikoria, Pokemon tins, and restocks of popular classics like Catan and Ticket to Ride.

See our full gallery of Games on our website.
New Models
Unique wooden models from RoboTime have arrived as well as 1/35 armor from Ryefield Models.

See our full gallery of Models on our website.
Restocked Redcat RC
Two popular Redcat models are ack in stock. Crawl with the Gen 8 Scout or race with the Wendigo.

See our full gallery of Radio Control vehicles on our website.

Safe Shopping at Fundemonium
We are serving you safely seven days a week.

Even ED-209 is masked

Shop safely your way
We are following all safety requirements including but not limited to:
  • All employees masked at all times
  • All customers must wear masks
  • Limited number of customers in the store (We are setting the limit at 20, one customer per each 12' of aisle)
  • Enforcement for 6' spacing between customers and employees
  • Hand Sanitizing at the entrance and additional locations
  • Sanitizing of baskets and registers
  • No demonstration toys available
  • No activities or meetings allowed
  • No in-store diagnosis or repair, drop off repairs and pick up later
In addition we strongly encourage the following:
  • Call in advance to order by phone and pay by phone
  • Choose shipping or quick in-store pick up
  • Use chip cards or Apple Pay for no contact payments
  • Do not linger in the store (give others an opportunity to enter)
  • Do not bring kids unless they are helping to choose your items
Our new hours are Monday through Sunday 10:00am to 6:00pm.

We are making plans and updating our store and website so that Fundemonium becomes your trusted choice for FUN shopping and activities. L et us know how we can do better by filling out a   survey on our website.

Basket Sale at the End of the Month!
May 30th is the 5th Saturday of the Month!

Fun Club members get a special benefit this month with our 5th Saturday Basket Sale. Anything you can fit into one of our blue shopping baskets is... 
20% OFF
...up to one full basket load.

If you are a Gold Fun Club member you get a bigger basket and 25% OFF. Plus, you can pick any day from Sunday, May 24 through Saturday, May 30th for your basket sale. (We encourage you to do that.)

For more details about the Basket Sale or to join the Gold Fun Club call us at 707-540-0701.
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Learn more about Fundemonuim and all that we offer at:
Thank you,
Steven and Jean Elliott
Fundemonium! | 579 Rohnert Park Expressway West | (707) 540-0701