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Puzzle, Puzzle, Who has the Puzzle?

We have the Puzzles!
People are telling us Fundemonium is one of the few places keeping a good supply of puzzles in stock. The big-box stores and discounters have moved on to something else.

Fundemonium has always stocked a good supply of puzzles and we have new shipments arriving all of the time. 

Last week we received a shipment of Educa puzzles in sizes from 100 pieces to 5,000 pieces. You might need a Snickers bar (or two) to help you through the 5,000 piece puzzles.

Last Chance for Indomitus
If you missed the first invasion of Indomitus, the new 9th Edition of Warhammer, you have a second chance.

Monday morning Kyle has to report our numbers for the second wave, build-to-order boxes of Indomitus. Call early if you want us to get one made for you.
Fundemonium: 707-540-0701
What does $25,000 worth of RC & Toys Look Like?
Giant shipment arriving soon

New Radio Control
The ship docked in Oakland last week and the warehouse is packing our order right now. We will soon be restocked with many of our Radio Control best sellers plus many new products.
  • New camera drones
  • New RC tanks
  • New 1/18 scale short course trucks
  • New RC crocodile (really!)
  • Restock 1/18 scale trucks and buggies
  • Restock 1/12 scale trucks and buggies
  • Restock of RC boats
  • Restock roll-up dart boards
  • Restock slot cars
  • Restock winged bubble maker
It's like Christmas in July. Something for every one!
Games at Fundemonium
Pokemon, Star Wars, and Theros Oh My!


Pokemon Darkness Ablaze
Prerelease Kits are here!
We can take payments now for Build and Battle Boxes ($20) and you can take them home Aug. 1. 

Let us know if you want energy cards also and we can send some with you. There are only 40 Build and Battle Boxes available.

All other boosters and set items will be for sale on Aug. 10.

Star Wars Legion  
Outfit your armies with Legions newest expansions: 
  • Galactic Senator Padme Amidala
  • Ruthless Bounty Hunter Cad Bane
You have two new characters who have now joined the fight!

Mythic Odysseys of Theros
Magic the Gathering meets D&D in the newest book to hit our shelves, Mythic Odysseys of Theros. 

Play in an Age of Heroes where mythical creatures and demigods roam free! It adds a whole new realm to work with, as well as an abundance of creatures to intertwine into the stories told in the realm of Theros. 

We have both the regular cover and the alternate cover here at Fundemonium.  
Fundemonium is Hiring
Can you look friendly and happy in a mask?

Maybe you should work at Fundemonium.

We are seeking 1/2-time or full time Fundemoniacs for our RC department. 

If you like to have fun at work and help others experience the joy of radio controlled modeling, click here.

Experience with RC Flight is a plus.
(Yes, Funbot is driving a car. You can teach Funbot to fly)

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