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As a member of Ontario Sailing, it is necessary that we have current contact information so that we can communicate with you. If you no longer wish to be listed as a contact for your organization, please contact Ontario Sailing at info@ontariosailing.ca and provide us with alternative contact information.
Apply for Funding from Ontario Sailing

Ontario Sailing is very pleased to announce that our members can apply to us for funding up to $2000 for a grass roots program or event that will benefit growth within our sport.
Supported by a donation from the former Huntsville Sailing Club, this fund will be open to member clubs, schools and camps of Ontario Sailing. This is our second year of offering this funding grant.
Programs that could be considered include :
  • New youth programming
  • Programs for youth/adults with a disability
  • Capital work to benefit grass roots at your organization
  • Hosting of a program or event that will help grow your club/school /camp
A simple grant outline stating the following information is required :
  1. A short outline of your club/school
  2. The intended need for the fund, and a brief description of the project and how you will measure its success.
  3. The amount requested up to $2000
  4. Approval of your board to apply for the monies (letter signed by the Commodore)
  5. Name, address, club contact information
  6. You agree to Ontario Sailing highlighting your project on our website and social media
In order to apply you must be :
  1. A member in good standing with Ontario Sailing (current membership paid up).
  2. A not for profit or charity
  3. Agreement to write a short report after the money has been used
  4. Recognition on your website of the support of Ontario Sailing
  5. Due date is July 22nd 2016 by 4pm ET
Up to $2000 is available for each year (total of $8000). Consideration for projects over a two year period can be made.
The decision of an Ontario Sailing Board appointment committee will be final.
The panel may choose to fund multiple applications.
Please send your application via email to:
Glenn Lethbridge, Executive Director
DEADLINE:  July 22nd 2016 by 4pm ET
If you have any questions, please contact Glenn at the above email or give him a call at 1-888-672-7245 ext. 224.