Creating projects in your community like events, place-making hubs, or raising funds to feed those in need can make a big impact in your neighborhood. It feels great to be on a mission to inspire change and empower others. But what happens when you need funding for mural paint or pizza and coffee for your neighborhood cleanup volunteers? SE Uplift has a cool funding model for projects that YOU create.

Some of SE Uplift's Fiscal Sponsored projects include Portland United Against Hate (PUAH), the Kerns United Mural project, and the Arleta Triangle project. Pass The Mic, Engage Brentwood-Darlington, Portland Through A Laninx Lense, and Rahab Sister's Portrait Circle are a few of SE Uplift's 2019 Community & Civic Grant projects. The Community Collection Events program continues to fund neighborhood and community group bulky waste cleanups, litter pickups and engaging our coalition area in reuse and recycling events.