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January 28, 2022
Funding Portals and Ongoing Opportunities
for Not-for-Profits
The Funding Opportunities Update is created by the Region of Durham, Social Services Department.

We know that strong, well-funded not-for-profit and charitable sectors can better meet the needs of Durham’s diverse communities. We are committed to sharing information about grants and funding opportunities with our community partners.

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Important Tip! Register your organization online at the Transfer Payment Ontario websiteThis site provides information about available grants, how to apply for grants and how to check the status of your application.

Ongoing Funding Opportunities

Many funding opportunities operate year-round and accept applications on an ongoing basis. Please note: You will not find these funding opportunities listed on our regular Funding Opportunities Update emails.
The Allstate Foundation

The Allstate Foundation of Canada was established in 1977 to provide donations and grants to non-profit, registered charitable organizations in Canada

We support organizations and initiatives that focus on fostering an environment of inclusion, involvement and empowerment for those who experience barriers to participation – whether it be within their community, career, or personal life.

Investing in our Community:

We prioritize causes and projects that work to create a more inclusive world for people with disabilities and those experiencing financial hardship. Does your organization or project align with our social impact focus? Please send funding inquires to

CIBC and CIBC Children's Foundation

CIBC is committed to supporting causes that matter to our clients, our team members and our communities. We aim to make a difference through corporate donations, sponsorships and the volunteer spirit of our employees.

CIBC will consider funding for:

  • Canadian registered charities or non-profit organizations that use the funds within Canada
  • Organizations with audited financial statements, sound financial practices, and a sustainable funding model
  • Projects or programs that are aligned to one of our three focus areas:
  • Cancer: organizations that deliver research, diagnosis, treatment and wellness for all types of cancers
  • Inclusive communities: innovative solutions focused on peoples with disabilities, Indigenous people, and the Black community.
  • Financial education: initiatives that help people develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of financial well-being.

Corporate donation requests are accepted year-round, but are reviewed annually between January and October.

CIBC Children's Foundation will consider funding for:

  • Canadian registered charities that use funds within Canada
  • Projects or programs that directly support children in need — under the age of 14
  • Projects or programs that have a record of achievement or potential for success in line with our overall goals
  • Projects and programs that address a community need and provide direct impact to the community served
  • Projects and programs that include planned outcomes, supported by a measurement and evaluation process
  • Requests that include financial statements for the charitable organization, sound financial practices, a sustainable funding model and a program budget

CIBC Children's Foundation applications are accepted year-round, but are reviewed annually between February and May.

Donner Canadian Foundation

In 2021, the Donner Canadian Foundation supported 109 charitable organizations. The Foundation devoted 30 percent of its granting to environment and wildlife stewardship and 15 percent to public policy research and education. The Foundation also directed 10 percent of its granting toward international development and human rights and almost 25 percent to organizations delivering social services. The Foundation's remaining grants sustained a variety of worthy projects.

The Donner Canadian Foundation does not regularly respond to letters of inquiry or unsolicited requests for funding. However, it does maintain files about charitable organizations and their work. The Foundation uses this information – along with proactive research and input from advisors – in its search for high-potential projects. To inform this search, charitable organizations may send the Foundation’s Executive Director a two- to three-page description of their goals and programs. If there is a potential match between this work and the interests of the Foundation, Staff will contact the charity for more information.

Futurpreneur Canada Newcomer Program

If you’re new to Canada and don’t have a credit history, Futurpreneur Canada wants to help you launch your business. We provide tailored support and eligibility criteria to reflect your new status in Canada. Spark Centre in Oshawa and the Business Advisory Centre Durham (BACD) are community partners of the Futurpreneur Canada Newcomer Program.

Note: this is repayable financing, not a grant. For more information, please contact BACD.

Government of Canada: Canadian Heritage: Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage - Legacy Fund

The Legacy Fund component provides funding for community-initiated capital projects, intended for community use. Recipients may receive up to 50 per cent of eligible project expenses up to a maximum of $500,000.

Funding supports community-initiated capital projects that:

  • commemorate a significant local historical event or pay tribute to a significant local historical personality;
  • mark a 100th anniversary or greater, in increments of 25 years (e.g., 125th, 150th);
  • involve the restoration, renovation, or transformation of existing buildings or exterior spaces with local community significance that are intended for community use;
  • encourage arts and heritage activities in the local community that are intended for and accessible to the general public.

Projects must be submitted before the anniversary date of the event or personality to be commemorated.

Government of Canada: Canadian Heritage: Canada Cultural Spaces Fund

The Canada Cultural Spaces Fund (CCSF) supports the improvement of physical conditions for artistic creativity and innovation. The fund supports the improvement, renovation and construction of arts and heritage facilities, as well as the acquisition of specialized equipment.

Government of Canada: Canadian Heritage: Museums Assistance program - Exhibition Circulation Fund

The Museums Assistance Program (MAP) – Exhibition Circulation Fund component assists museums with the costs related to the hosting of travelling exhibitions originating from another museum or from a federal heritage institution and the borrowing of artefacts from any of the National museums of Canada.

Government of Canada: Community Support, Multiculturalism, and Anti-Racism Initiatives Program - Events Component

The Events component of the Community Support, Multiculturalism, and Anti-Racism Initiatives Program provides funding to community-based events that promote intercultural or interfaith understanding, promote discussions on multiculturalism, diversity, racism and religious discrimination, or celebrate a community’s history and culture such as heritage months recognized by Parliament.

Expected results are that participants and communities will gain knowledge, develop strategies and take action to:

  • increase awareness of Canada’s cultural diversity
  • increase awareness of issues affecting full participation in society and the economy, related to culture, ethnicity and/or religion
  • increase capacity within communities to address racism and discrimination

Government of Ontario: Celebrate Ontario Blockbuster

The Celebrate Ontario Blockbuster program supports costs related to hosting:

  • major one-time events in Ontario
  • events that do not recur annually or biennially in Ontario
  • national or international events in Ontario

We will accept applications on an ongoing basis, however you must submit your application at least four months before your event start date.

Government of Ontario: Starter Company Plus

Get guidance and a grant for your small business. If you’re starting, expanding or buying a small business, apply for training, mentoring and a grant through Starter Company Plus.

Through Starter Company Plus, you can:

  • get one-on-one guidance from a Small Business Enterprise Centre advisor
  • participate in business workshops, seminars or networking events. Topics range from writing a business plan to budgeting to marketing campaigns
  • talk to a mentor with experience in starting, expanding or buying a small business

You can also apply for a grant of up to $5,000. These supports are available if you want to start a new company, expand an existing company or buy a business in Ontario.

You apply through a Small Business Enterprise Centre. There’s no application period or deadline. You can apply any time.

Connect with Patrice Esper, Youth Program Coordinator, Business Advisory Centre Durham (BACD)

Phone: (905) 668-4949 x227

Infrastructure Ontario (loans, not grants)

Our Loan Program has helped support more than $17 billion in local infrastructure investments across Ontario. It provides affordable, long-term financing to public sector clients, allowing them to modernize and renew their infrastructure.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients deliver thousands of community projects in all parts of the province. Our Loan Program has been used to revitalize roads and bridges, build new recreation centres and affordable housing units, and purchase equipment like fire trucks and energy-efficient streetlights.

We tailor our loans to meet the unique needs and complex development challenges of municipalities, housing providers, universities and other eligible public sector clients. All borrowers within each sector share the same affordable rates and benefits of the Loan Program regardless of their size or location.

Each loan is different, but its impact is the same: efficient, healthier and more prosperous communities across Ontario.

Innoweave - Practical Tools for Social Innovation

Innoweave provides funding to help organizations access coaching for implementing a new approach. It is expected that organizations will have discussed a potential scope of work with their prospective coach before applying. Eligibility and requirements vary depending on the coaching stream you are interested in pursuing for your organization.

Inspirit Foundation: Content Creators and Change Systems Grants

Our grants and programming help develop young  content creators within the arts and media sectors, and also support individuals and organizations pushing for systemic change. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our timelines for various initiatives, however, we remain committed to furthering equity through our programming vision.

While we do not have an open call out for applications at this time, we encourage you to contact us if you have an idea that may align with Inspirit’s priorities. 

Content Creators

We work to build the capacity of content creators who are 18-34 years old, face barriers due to ethnic, racial, or religious discrimination, and who use media and arts to advance equity and pluralism. Our grants support initiatives that: 

  • Aim to develop skills and resources within communities to tell their own stories. 
  • Increase the production, exposure, and amplification of diverse narratives.  

Change Systems

We fund systems-focused projects that use arts and media strategies to engage Canadians on pressing social issues that intersect with racial, ethnic, or religious discrimination. Our work also addresses systemic barriers within the arts and media sectors, and seeks to foster conditions for equity and pluralism to thrive. 
We look for arts and media-focused initiatives and projects that:

  • Aim to shift system structures, practices, policies, or processes in order to address discrimination and foster more equitable access. 
  • Spark compelling new narratives that challenge harmful stereotypes, shed light on systemic drivers of critical social issues, and inspire action to shift resources, values, power, mindsets, or infrastructure. 

If you know of a project that may align with our values, please contact us.

The McLean Foundation

The McLean Foundation will only accept applications from organizations that have first submitted a letter of inquiry and then been asked to submit a full proposal. Applicants should note that their letters of inquiry are viewed by the Board of Directors along with the full proposal.

  • The McLean Foundation will now only accept Letters of Inquiry (LOI) and full applications online.
  • LOIs should not be sent via regular mail or through e-mail.
  • At this time, the Foundation only accepts LOIs and full applications in English.
  • Form letters and mass mailings will NOT be regarded as LOIs.
  • The Foundation will not consider applications from individuals. To apply you must be a Charitable Organization with a valid CRA#, An Indigenous Band with a valid Indigenous Band #, or a municipality.

If your organization is invited to submit a full proposal, please follow the guidelines for full proposals.

RBC: Future Launch

We will donate to charitable programs that:

  • Target young people in their transitional years, specifically ages 15-29
  • Focus on one or more of our solution areas (providing equitable access to work-integrated learning experiences, building long-term sustainable partnerships to address the skills gap, harnessing the knowledge and goodwill of Canadians using social media, mentorships and other resources to guide young people to opportunities)
  • Demonstrate a thoughtful, evidence-based design that considers:
  • Scale of intended impact
  • Specific costs associated with creating impact
  • Time required to achieve and report on impact
  • Relevant risks
  • Are inclusive, are informed by and enable us to reach and meet the needs of young people from diverse communities, including but not limited to people who are:
  • Of different genders, sexual orientations or identities
  • Indigenous, Inuit or Metis
  • From diverse cultural, linguistic or ethnic backgrounds (e.g. newcomer populations)
  • Geographically diverse (e.g. rural, remote or on-reserve)
  • Living with physical or mental disabilities
  • Various ages (e.g. mid or late teens: early, mid or late twenties)       

RBC: Youth Mental Well-Being Project

We fund programs that address youth and family’s immediate need to access mental health services, a critical area identified by parents, youth and experts in the field. We have chosen to focus our funding on two areas where we believe our support can make the biggest difference:

  • Navigation programs
  • Technology based solutions

We will also consider supporting other programs that increase access to care if they are collaborative, have proven results and can demonstrate successful outcomes.

We will prioritize granting for programs that increase collaboration across service providers to reduce fragmentation. Our hope is that our funding will help achieve integration not just within the mental health system, but between the mental health and general health systems. We also prefer to fund programs that do not duplicate services provided by other organizations.


ScotiaRISE is our 10-year, $500 million initiative to promote economic resilience among disadvantaged groups. By working together to remove barriers to advancement and increase access to opportunities, we can create a more inclusive and resilient world for everyone. And for every future.

ScotiaRISE will invest in three focus areas across the geographies where Scotiabank operates:
  1. Increasing high school graduation and post-secondary participation: Helping disadvantaged youth to increase their employment prospects, life opportunities and full participation in the economy.
  2. Helping newcomers feel at home faster: Fast-tracking the way to meaningful employment in order to support their contribution to the prosperity and social fabric of their communities.
  3. Removing barriers to career advancement for disadvantaged groups: Helping to enable their full inclusion and financial success.

TechSoup Canada

TechSoup Canada is a program of the Centre for Social Innovation, and a member of the TechSoup Global Network. Being a non-profit ourselves, we understand all too well the challenges facing the Canadian non-profit sector and we want to help. We can connect you to donated and discounted technologies through our technology donations program and provide valuable learning resources to equip you and your colleagues with technology tips and best practices.

Qualified charities, non-profits and libraries can order donated and discounted software (e.g., Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, Bitdefender Antivirus and more) for a very low administrative fee.

Town of Whitby - Community Development Fund

The Town of Whitby has two Community Development Funds that provide financial assistance for community groups and individuals within Whitby to help them undertake initiatives that will benefit the community.

The Mayor's Community Development Fund (MCDF)

The Mayor's Community Development Fund (MCDF) offers funding to local initiatives in our community through lead grants up to $25,000 and community grants up to $5,000. If you apply, you can also request one of the following silent auction item packages:

  • Whitby/Brooklin Retailer Gift Basket ($150 value)
  • Whitby Recreation Gift Certificate ($250 value)

The Performing Arts Community Development Fund (PACDF)

The Performing Arts Community Development Fund (PACDF) provides financial support to Whitby community groups and organizations for performing arts programs, events, initiatives and projects.

The PACDF uses net revenues from the 2008-2012 Mayor's Galas. Funding is provided for community grants of up to $5,000. Funding of up to $25,000 may be available for exceptional performing arts programs, events, projects or initiatives, including capital.

The Zuckerman Family Foundation

The Zukerman Family Foundation was created after the death of Barry Zukerman, a successful member of the Canadian financial community. To honour his memory, the foundation's inaugural project was the creation of the Barry Zukerman Investment Fund at McGill University.

Since then there have been many other organizations and projects funded by the Foundation. Some of these have included, The Barry Zukerman Amphitheatre at Earl Bales Park, the founding of The Toronto Jewish Film Festival, Kolel: The Adult Center of Liberal Jewish Learning, Women's and Children's V.O.I.C.E., Canine Companions for Independence U.S.A and the Canadian Women's Foundation.

Funding Portals and Lists

Funding Portals are ways to access many different funding programs at once, either through a list of constantly changing current programs or through a streamlined application process.

Ajah's Fund Tracker

Ajah is a Montreal-based company that builds tools for the Canadian non-profit sector. Their online service, Fundtracker, helps organizations identify and connect with funders likely to support their cause.

Note: Fundtracker is a subscription-based service.

Canada Council for the Arts

All program area grants are accessible through their portal and registration must be complete at least 30 days before you wish to apply.

Canada Council grants are now organized into six programs:

  1. Explore and Create;
  2. Engage and Sustain;
  3. Creating, Knowing and Sharing: The Arts and Cultures of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples
  4. Supporting Artistic Practice;
  5. Arts Across Canada;
  6. Arts Abroad.

The Funding Portal

The Funding Portal is Canada's national bilingual e-commerce platform and one-window gateway to improve access to government funding. The Portal aggregates more than 7,000 sources of funding within a free searchable database, with more than 4,500 government sources and 2,500 private sources, representing more than $30 billion in funding sources for your charity, non-profit, or business.

Note: This is a subscription-based service

Government of Canada: Culture, History and Sport Funding

The Government of Canada offers a wide array of granting opportunities around culture, history and sport. See an alphabetical listing of grants available here.

Government of Canada: Employment and Social Development Canada

See a list of funding programs for jobs, training and social development projects.

Government of Canada: Public Health Agency of Canada

Grant and Contribution Funding Opportunities for programs under the Public Health Agency of Canada. See an alphabetical listing of grants available here.

Government of Ontario Funding Portal

Find out what funding is currently available from the Government of Ontario, if you’re eligible and what you need to apply.

Imagine Canada's Grant Connect

Grant Connect is an innovative and comprehensive tool that connects charities with funders who share their cause. It is the next generation of Imagine Canada's Directory to Foundations & Corporations, a beloved publication with a 45-year legacy in the charitable sector.

Note: This is a subscription-based service

Mentor Works - Government Funding Directory

A list of Canadian government funding programs that can support small businesses, large corporations, non-profits, and post-secondary research institutions.

Note: Mentor Works also offers business consulting and grant writing services for a fee.

Ontario Arts Council

The Ontario Arts Council (OAC) provides grants to Ontario-based individual artists and arts professionals, ad hoc groups/collectives and organizations. Grants support a range of arts activities and disciplines.

The OAC offers two types of grant programs:

Project grants: one-time grants for specific projects, available to individual artists, ad hoc groups/collectives and organizations

Operating grants: ongoing support for Ontario-based, not-for-profit arts organizations and for-profit book and magazine publishers

Parks and Recreation Ontario

A list of various funding opportunities, both governmental and non-governmental.

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