Behavioral Health System Baltimore, Inc. (BHSB) is inviting Baltimore City Providers that are contracted with BHSB for FY 2019 to submit One-Time-Only Proposals. BHSB is in the process of identifying FY 2019 funding that is projected to be underspent. The funds will be disbursed to Providers that can demonstrate both a programmatic need and the ability to spend the funds by June 30, 2019. ( All activities and expenditures must occur before June 30, 2019 ).

One-Time-Only Proposals will be due to BHSB by 12:00 pm Friday May 10, 2019 . ( Requests submitted after this time will not be considered ). The proposal must be submitted via e-mail and should be sent to . The proposals will be reviewed and rated internally by BHSB staff. Thereafter, BHSB will provide follow-up with Providers on the status of the submitted proposal.