Funding For Bolivar and Sunflower Communities

 As your legislator in Jackson, House District 29 (Bolivar & Sunflower Counties) is my focus. I speak positively about the efforts happening across our district and urge other legislators to support the needs and possibilities of this special area that in the past has been ignored and overlooked.

In the past three years, I’ve been able to push for quick repairs on Shelby Deason Road and Highway 442 near Shelby, MS. Additionally, I helped to obtain funding for projects throughout the district. The funding includes roughly $5.4 million for road, bridge, sewer, and water projects in Bolivar and Sunflower Counties, $1 million for a future landing dock on the Mississippi River near Rosedale, $250,000 for I.T. Montgomery House renovations in Mound Bayou, $250,000 for the West Bolivar High School cafeteria in Rosedale, and $250,000 for Grammy Museum enhancements in Cleveland.

If you give me the honor of being re-elected as your representative, I will continue to work with fellow legislators to ensure our area receives funding to provide for a brighter future in House District 29.

Truly, Representative Abe M. Hudson, Jr.

Voter Registration Deadline Today (Monday, July 8th)

 As the Tuesday, August 6th Primary draws near, here are some facts about voting to be aware of:

*Today (Monday, July 8th) is the last day to register to vote in the August 6th primary.

*Circuit Clerk offices began requests for absentee ballots began in early June. Therefore, you can GO NOW to vote via absentee ballot.

*Absentee Ballots became available Wednesday, June 24th. Voting in county circuit clerk offices will be available during business hours and also on the two Saturdays (July 27th & August 3rd) prior to the election from 8am until noon for absentee ballot purposes only.

*Drivers License can be expired up to 10 years, but you can still vote. Don’t let an expired license stop you from voting!!!

Together We Will Educate, Enhance, & Empower

 TOGETHER - Bolivar and Sunflower counties have many tight knit communities. Professionals throughout House District 29 are working to improve their own lives, the livelihood of their families, communities, and the entire Mississippi Delta in a variety of professions, educational pursuits, and volunteer capacities. There is much diversity in House District 29 and it is that myriad of perspectives that makes us strong. Everyone has something to contribute to make this a better place for all of us.

WE WILL - We all realize there are areas of improvement in our district that include infrastructure, education, health care, and job opportunities. Along with you, I’ve been fighting the past three years to see what areas we can generate new possibilities and realities. I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish together and believe that we will continue to make our district and communities stronger.

EDUCATE - Education is where everything starts. As the son of two educators and the father of a daughter just beginning her educational journey, on a day to day basis I’m reminded of the importance of a quality education. The young people in our district will be the leaders of the future and we need to treat them as the kings and queens that they are. I will continue to fight every day for more resources and opportunities for our youth; particularly public education.

ENHANCE - I see a strong foundation upon which to build our future together in House District 29. We have best practice efforts happening in every community that, with additional support and opportunity, can allow the place we call home to flourish. No, I don’t want to change the people. However, I do want to change the outcomes.

EMPOWER - The goal of the “7 Minutes in House District 29” Facebook Page Series is to highlight the amazing work happening around our district in the hopes it will inspire additional community members to team up and amplify our impact. All of us, together, will help shape a brighter future for our families, friends, and communities. If you haven’t checked it out, please Click Here . Thanks to all who help others to dream.

MISSISSIPPI DELTA - This is my home. This is your home. I’m here to stay. You’re here to stay. Let’s make things better for all of us.
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