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WellFlorida Board Meeting
Monday, Dec. 4, noon to 2 p.m. at WellFlorida Council

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Funding Opportunities 

There are a number of funding opportunities WellFlorida is passing along to you, our community partners and email subscribers. Take a moment to review and know that you can reach out to us and we will share your funding opportunities, events and more via our E-Newsletters, blog posts and social media. 

I'm also pleased to announce our newest program Safe Routes to School. Walking and biking to and from school are effective ways to reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity and other health issues. At the same time,  it's important to teach children how to be safe. We encourage schools and community leaders to access this free service for your community. Read on for more information...

-Jeff Feller, CEO

WellFlorida Blog

Safe Routes to School

WellFlorida is now offering Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS) to North Central Florida. SRTS offers free training workshops to prepare teachers and community professionals in teaching children how to safely interact with traffic when walking and bicycling. Schedule a training for your teachers or community professionals by contacting Morris Sherman at msherman@wellflorida.org or 
352-313-6500 x114 .

Community members, including healthcare providers and others who live, work, worship and/or play, in Lafayette and Suwannee counties are invited to share their views on health and healthcare by taking a 10-minute survey.
Participants will be entered to win a $20 gift card.   
Announcements from 
North Central Florida Cancer Control Collaborative
Grant Opportunity: Systems Change to Increase Access to Cancer Risk Reduction
Deadline: Oct. 9, 2017, 12 p.m. EST
Florida Department of Health is accepting proposals for the coordination of a cancer referral network. Florida's aging population is expected to increase the need for access to cancer support services, including the screening for undiagnosed cancers and activities that improve progression and reduce cancer recurrence risk. Organizations throughout the state work within local health systems to address these growing needs, making coordination between these organizations paramount to reducing the burden of cancer. Learn more...

Fall Application: Cancer Center of Excellence Designation
Deadline: Oct. 27, 2017, 5 p.m. EST
The Cancer Center of Excellence designation is intended to recognize organizations that demonstrate excellence in patient-centered coordinated care for persons undergoing cancer treatment and therapy in Florida. Learn more about the designation and the application requirements, at:  https://flhealthresearch.com/index.do.

Healthy Start Bulletins

Central Healthy Start and Healthy Start of North Central Florida have released the latest issue of A Healthy Start. Designed for pregnant women and mothers with children up to age three, the bulletins are published by WellFlorida Council and Healthy Start. Topics cover a range of maternal and infant health issues. Bulletins are distributed to pediatricians, hospitals, prenatal clinics and community agencies across 16 counties. If you would like to obtain copies, please contact a Healthy Start provider liaison.

Karen Woulf,  Healthy Start of North Central Florida
Myschelle Baker, Central Healthy Start

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