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We have great news from San Francisco.  The Board of Supervisors voted to place a re-authorization of the Children's Fund on the November 2014 ballot this week - UNANIMOUSLY.  This is a far cry from 1991 when the original measure was placed on the ballot by petition of the voters because there were no champions in City Hall.  Amazing what a difference 23 years makes!  But even more important: the Fund, if passed, will be increasing significantly and will be 4% of property tax revenue (approximately $63 M), up from 3%; transitional age youth will be eligible services - up to age 24, rather than up to age 18; and there will be an oversight committee with the authority to approve the budget, appointed by both the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors.

The Children's Fund ballot measure will be combined with the city's Public Education and Enrichment Fund (which funds preschool for all, as well as sports, libraries, arts and music in the schools).  The ballot measure will also create a citywide inter-agency council. 
Rally to support the next re-authorization of San Francisco's Children's Fund

To read the opinion editorial by Margaret Brodkin in the San Francisco Chronicle on July 16 about the Children's Fund, click here.
The first meeting of the Funding the Next Generation Learning Community will be held on September 26.  10 communities will be participating: DelNorte, Humboldt, Lake, Merced, Napa, Richmond, San Joaquin, Solano, Sonoma, and Yolo.  The first meeting will include presentations and coaching from our team of experts: political consultant Larry Tramutola, pollster Dave Metz, and fiscal expert Ed Harrington.

Folks will also get to hear hear from their colleagues about resource mapping, local children's agendas, budget campaigns, and how they got support for early polling.

If you want to consider being part of this group, please call or e-mail me at the contact information below.  
The Learning Community is being supported by The California Endowment.
San Francisco is breaking new ground on another front - the November 2014 election will be exciting.  Six members of the Board of Supervisors are sponsoring a sugary sweetened beverage tax (aka "soda" tax).  The campaign recently announced that the measure was polling well over the 2/3 threshold needed to pass. San Francisco Magazine asked "Is San Francisco Big Soda's Waterloo?" and pointed out that no American city has successfully taxed sugary beverages.  But the San Francisco campaign may also be the first with the resources to match the American Beverage Association, an industry with a blank check determined to protect its profits. 

The approximately $30 Million raised from the tax will go to address health issues related to the excessive consumption of soda - such as school nutrition, recreation, health education, and access to healthy food.

For information on this pioneering effort, check out the excellent campaign website:
If you are interested in learning more about Funding the Next Generation and helping your city or county explore the potential of a dedicated public funding stream for children, youth and families, please contact me.

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The Forum for Youth Investment sponsored a webinar on Resource Mapping for Children, Youth and Families.  This included case examples, as well as excellent pointers about how to determine what your community is spending on services- the groundwork of a Children's Budget.  The webinar discussed how to use resource mapping to drive decision-making and identify gaps in services.

Access the information below by clicking on the title.

The progress toward a Sales Tax in Marin is very exciting.  The Board of Supervisors requested that the advocates in MarinKids develop an expenditure plan before the Board took its final vote. This is an excellent document that could be a model for many communities.

Something very unique happened recently in 3 counties in Ohio - they passed a levy for a specific evidence-based mental health practice.  The brief description of the levy includes a link to the campaign's TV ad.  This is the first levy of its kind - tied to a specific children's program.  It passed with strong backing from teachers and parents.

This June was a good election for children in some areas.  Check out this report on Local Revenue Measures.  It might inspire you to move forward in your community.  You can learn how revenue measures fared near you.
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