September 7, 2015
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NEW ADDITION TO THE WEBSITE - Neighbors recommend service providers
Art to wear...Everywhere
Sabaku Artwear - Neighborhood Fundraiser
October 24 - 9 to Noon  - International School

Sunset Huipil

Tucson artist, Nancy Lenches, will bring her annual "seconds and over-runs" sale to Jefferson Park. Her shirts are sold at many museums and upscale specialty stores from Tucson to Santa Fe.  Part of the proceeds for this sale will benefit Jefferson Park and the Old Ft Lowell "Live at Home Program". This event is widely attended and is an unusual opportunity to get these beautiful t's at a great discount. Do your Christmas shopping early!  To see examples of her artwork go to We never know which t-shirts she will bring...but they are all beautiful.
Art being done...Everywhere
Call to Artists - Join the fundraiser!
Illuminated Pressback Chair                   J.Daniels
Fabric Keepsake Box
Dia de los Muertos
B. Brunotte
Zuni Pot on Captain's Chair- still in progress.
      J. Daniels

Artists and Craftspersons - Join the fun by donating one of your original works to the fundraiser!  You will receive a receipt for donation to the non-profit and the satisfaction of knowing your work is benefiting the neighborhood.  E-mail a photo of your donation to and we will get back to you to have your piece entered in the sale.  
Fundraisers, donations and JPNA dues...why?
Here's a sample of where our money and volunteer time goes:
Cost of preparing the nomination for historic status -  Cost of the "Historic Jefferson Park" street signs - 
Cost of legal help preparing documents for agreements with developers that protect the neighborhood from undue noise and disruption -  Cost of e-news -  Cost of web-site - Cost of Neighborhood Information Packets - Time to monitor construction variances - Time to sit on committees - Time to edit e-news- Time to print e-news for those without computers, Time to edit the web site, Time to take notes at meetings....etc..

Everybody can help.  Jefferson Park is fortunate to have many who step up with ideas, donations, dues and time.  That's why we have such a great neighborhood! Many hands make light work, so attend a meeting and find how you can help.
JPNA and Banner Health Reach Agreement
     A JPNA committee has been  working with Banner Health to ensure that the proposed construction will minimally impact residents.  Included in the agreement are issues for light, traffic, and noise mitigation. Banner will fund a consultant to redraw the historic boundaries to mitigate the loss of historic contributing properties.  The problem with water run-off into the neighborhood has been addressed for those properties of which Banner has ownership.  The water will be contained with water retention basins as well as underground retention tanks which will release water in a controlled manner. The JPNA  memorandum of understanding (MOU)will go with Banner's plan in front of Mayor and Council in September. The neighborhood sought legal review of the document and the JPNA board approved the MOU at the August meeting.  The committee reports that they have appreciated the professionalism, transparency, and honesty of the negotiations with the Banner team. 
Thank you Jeff Park Volunteers for all this work!  J. Daniels
1st/Campbell-Grant Road Coalition
City agrees to pay consultant to redistrict Historic Boundaries
The coalition  
asked that the city absorb the cost for redistricting the historic boundaries of Jefferson Park to mitigate the loss of 26 historic homes in the Grant Rd demolitions.  A letter was recently received from the head of the Department of Transportation making that commitment. Thank you TDOT, and thank you Coalition for thinking ahead!!
The coalition grows   Neighborhoods to the east are sending representatives and joining the Coalition. Broadway Coalition is lending support.  The Coalition steering committee continues to meet monthly and host monthly meetings with the City Office of Integrated Planning. The upcoming meeting on September 29, 6pm at the Ward III office, is especially important and open to all neighbors and interested parties.  The city engineers will be present to answer questions. 
Volunteers are scheduling meetings with city officials, creating information bulletins, and attending meetings.  Show your support for their efforts by going to and signing  the support form.
TAX BREAK FOR HISTORIC PROPERTIES -Many of the homes in our neighborhood are entitled to the Historic Tax Benefit.  This is a nearly 50% reduction in property taxes for thirty years.  It's well worth the time spent on the simple, straightforward application.  Your home must be:
  • a contributing structure in the Jefferson Park National Register Historic District (If you don't know, we can check the status for you 





  • owner-occupied and listed as such with the Pima County Assessor's office (We can also check that for you
Want to learn more? 
Come to the Historic Tax Benefit Forum at 5:30 PM on Wednesday, September 23 at the Ward 6 council office, 3202 East 1st Street. 

FIGHT VANDALISM and theft on Grant Road properties.
Keep your eyes open.  Call 911 with any suspicious activity. There have been some incidences of theft, vandalism and dumping among the homes under demolition. TPD is aware and needs your help.  Be vigilant--crime creeps!

LOST/FOUND A PET? Use the neighborhood Pet Facebook Page   Pet Page
Volunteer to help green the neighborhood
Planting trees around the International School of Tucson. Sept 12, 8 - 1 pm To help, e-mail Joan Hall at or  Joanne Osuna at

Unused fruit on your trees?
donate them to (donations appreciated)
Senior program helps keep seniors in their homes.
Fall LAH Yardsale - October 24th and 25th  - volunteers are needed for donation of goods, set up, sales, clean up.  Call Jane at 323-9299.
Pima County Bond Issue - Will You Be Voting?   Make an educated vote, see these links :
The proposal includes  $25M for neighborhood reinvestment grants.  
A site listing all the neighborhoods in Tucson, and  important things effecting them.
City Code Violations in Jefferson Park  code violations such as weeds, garbage, abandoned vehicles, etc.
Police Incident reports for Jefferson Park  the 80 most recent incidents are reported here.
SEPTEMBER IS NATIONAL PREPAREDNESS MONTH - This month marks the 12th annual National Preparedness Month from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). As part of the month, Tucson officials are urging you to be prepared for an emergency, such as a multi-day power outage or an interruption in utilities. Be Prepared Tucson advises all residents to create a 72-hour emergency kit. Each member of your family, including pets, should have a kit. A website (link below) from the City of Tucson, U.S. Department of Energy, Homeland Security, and FEMA has a checklist of everything you need to be ready for an emergency.
Be Prepared Tucson: 
National Preparedness Month from
Watch a Tucson Fire Department/Tucson 12 video on how to prepare for an emergency: 

INTERACTIVE MAPS PROVIDE VALUABLE INFORMATION ABOUT TUCSON - ZoomTucson is an interactive mapping site that allows citizens to find government information and services, such as political representatives, trash and recycling collection schedules, zoning, and school boundaries. ZoomTucson's clean and simple map interface allows users to search by an address or click on a location to display a wealth of information. It's also good for people interested in moving to Tucson. Meanwhile, ZoomBiz is an easy-to-use, map-based website providing developers and property owners with location-specific information on incentive programs for which they may be eligible.  
ZoomBiz:   :

booklet from TPD
More info...
SHRED IT!!     Saturday, September 26th 8:00 - 11:00 am
Sacred Heart Church 601 E. Fort Lowell Rd
Vice Mayor Uhlich and Constable Bennett Bernal invite you to our annual autumn Shred-It event! Get your documents securely shredded onsite. First two boxes are FREE! Drive-thru service and only $5 donation to Lend-A-Hand or Emerge! for each additional box. Call 520-791-4711 or email the Ward 3 office   for more info. Special thanks to the Amphi Community Action Group for their partnership in promoting this event!
Do not Discard Receipts is  an initiative born here in TPD's Midtown Division to help curtail retail crime.
Here's the idea: When you discard a store receipt where a dishonest person can retrieve it (on the ground or in a trash can outside the store) or you just leave it in your shopping cart, a thief can pick it up and use it as a shopping list to shoplift one or more of the items on the receipt and then return them for a full refund or a gift card. The store ends up giving cash for a "returned item" that was never sold in the first place.   Every one of us can thwart that thief:
  • Keep your receipt and shred it when you no longer need it.
  • Have your receipt emailed to you.
  • Decline to take a receipt at all.
What is Happening on Grant Road?
City website with maps and phases.
City web-site with plans and meeting dates.
TRRG - Tucson Citizens for Responsible Government.
A group that monitors the city's response to neighborhoods and advocates for safe and secure neighborhoods.  See their website at     
September 10,  10am Ward III Meeting Rm

September 29, 6pm
Ward III Meeting Rm
The Office of Integrated Planning (OIP) and City Engineers answer questions and concerns about Grant Road

Open to the Public.

Facebook Pages
Jefferson Park Facebook
Friends of JP, Inc Facebook

Web-site See current projects, homes, and history of Jefferson Park.  The home page features JP homes--new, old, and former.  Add an image of your home. E-mail  jpg to
 September 23, 2015
6:00 pm - Ward III Office
all welcome 
Renew your voluntary membership -$15.   Membership form
or pay on-line with paypal. Click  
September 21, 2015
7:00 pm- Ward III Office
Issues to be discussed. October fundraiser-T-shirt sale
WARD III Alliance Meeting
Taking on Water Issues: Past, Present and Future 
Wednesday, August 18th 6:00 pm at Woods Memorial Library. 
Find out how you can make a difference. The program includes presentations by three organizations - Tucson Water, UA Department of Hydrology, and Watershed Management Group. Everyone is welcome and light refreshments will be provided.
Area #1 - needs rep
Area #2 -  Bobby Kimmel
Area #3 - George Milan
Area #4 - Judy Janson
Area #5 - J. Lisa Jones
Area #6 - Chad Waits
Senior services 55+
Doctor appts, errands, yard work etc.  
Call Michelle at 
Tickets are $25 each 
or five for $100.   
at all neighborhood meetings or call Joanne Osuna at 798-3602.
Description of procedures for reporting an unruly gathering
U of A
Good Neighbor Program
24 hr hot line
Report problems

Joan Daniels, co-editor                                   Joanne Osuna, co-editor
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