Come to our fundraiser Tuesday, October 28 with BBQ & Dixieland jazz!  Big news about the tanker MARY A. WHALEN and more.

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Fundraiser 10/28!  Ship news!  
FUNDRAISER! Tues, Oct 28, 6:30-9:30pm,
"RESILIENCY is our Hook!" $100 gets you great BBQ, beer and wine, Dixieland jazz from the Red Hook Ramblers. Join us in honoring our partners in Red Hook Sandy recovery at Hometown Bar-B-Que, Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Come have fun and support PortSide's Sandy recovery, our resiliency work and our waterfront advocacy, preservation, and education programs.  

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Last days of tanker JOHN B. CADDELL by Capt. Stephen Cluett 
Our MARY A. WHALEN is now the last of her kind in the USA.  That's because, last week, the tanker that hurricane Sandy put aground and that became Staten Island's
symbol of Sandy's wrath was finally scrapped.  Our MARY is now a maritime symbol of resiliency. PortSide has great forward-looking plans for this historic ship. More...   
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Does it matter that the MARY is not publicly accessible yet?
Not really. We'll get a spot. Real estate negotiations being more private than sex (well... that's not so private any more), we can't say more for now.   More importantly, our search for a home makes us a better PortSide! It makes our advocacy work more informed.  More...
PortSide has been doing significant Sandy recovery and resiliency work. Work important enough to win a White House "Champions of Change" award, honors from the New York State Senate, and have our Executive Director appointed to the NY Rising committee for Red Hook. We offer school programs, research and disseminate Red Hook history and educate via our social media (below), restore the MARY and more. 
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Follow our rich digital output to better understand the BLUEspace, the waterfront and waterways.  Refer your kids and students to these links.

Our website has info about NYC's waterfront, and extensive content about Sandy recovery and resiliency plans on several pages.

Our blog has waterfront policy, oral history, reports on community waterfront planning meetings and in-depth descriptions of our ship restoration work.

The Facebook page for MARY A. WHALEN is set up as a person to maximize personal interaction with you! You can really feel the waterfront with multiple posts a day of images/updates about work/daily life on and around the MARY and our shipcat Chiclet.  We also share content from many friends who are mariners on Donate Nowworkboats and historic ships and offer an insider's perspective. The Facebook page for PortSide is an organization page, so it cannot share content from the accounts of individuals and has a more formal, institutional voice.


Our Twitter account shares some of the above and has extensive retweeting of content including the following hashtagged themes: maritime, ship, marine life, oceans, waterfront, urban planning, Sandy, recovery, resiliency, Red Hook.   

Help PortSide NewYork bring NYC's BLUEspace to life!  


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