Dear Coalition,

Our recent inaugural fall fundraiser was an amazing success, and we can't thank you all enough for the incredible support of our sponsors, donors, and to all of you who came out to enjoy a beautiful night of community, connection, music, and dancing! (Scroll down for some of the highlights and links to talks and musical sets.)

Additionally, we are pleased to highlight in this newsletter the success at MCON this last weekend, an upcoming talk with week with Jon Dalton, legislative updates, CSG West, and some latest new articles that shed light on the work that we're doing. Notably, we'd like to recap on our recent meeting with Washoe County Sheriff's Office (WCSO):

On 11/15/23, NCPM Board Members Jon Dalton and Greg Rea had the opportunity to meet with and talk to Sheriff Darin Balaam and his team about the benefits of psychedelic medicines. While there was a healthy dose of caution and understandable skepticism initially, as the meeting progressed, Jon and Greg created tangible inroads with the Sheriff's department about the benefits that psychedelic-assisted therapy can have in reducing the number of community members dealing with debilitating mental illness along with the incredible potential to attack the opiate addiction crisis in our state. This meeting was a strong start to create a working relationship between NCPM and the Sheriff’s office as we prepare for the 2025 legislative session. Over the next year, it will be critical that we continue engaging WCSO and other community stakeholders as we garner support in creating legislation for psychedelic medicines.

As you'll see from the updates below, we celebrate the relationships we're building and the increasing momentum that this movement is gaining -- we will not give up the fight to save lives and to bring healing. Thank you all for your participation, support, financial contributions and advocacy! Together we are making a difference.

In hope, solidarity, and gratitude,

- The NCPM Team

Legislative Update

As we approach the year's end, our attention remains keenly fixed on the evolving landscape of legislative movements. With the departure of 14 legislators, some transitioning to private life, seeking higher offices, or pursuing new paths in their careers, Nevada's political scene undergoes a notable shift. Governor Lombardo's mission to position elected Republicans stands in contrast to the Democrats' aspirations for a commanding presence in both the Nevada Assembly and Senate. With 2024 just around the corner, political campaigns intensify, prompting our coalition's unwavering commitment to keep a watchful eye on each candidate's stance regarding psychedelic medicine. With these groundbreaking therapies offering hope in addressing our state's mental health crisis, we'll ensure the coalition remains well-informed about every candidate's perspective as we navigate the path ahead.

MCON was a huge success!

We're excited to report that Nevada Coalition for Psychedelic Medicines had a great Veterans Day weekend at MCON in Las Vegas. MCON was created by veterans to bring the military community together for an epic celebration. It's the only annual event celebrating what veterans love and miss about military culture. The leaders at MCON, recognizing the potential psychedelic medicine has to treat veterans, offered NCPM a booth for us to spread the word--we had a ton of traffic with many people interested in the potential psychedelic medicine can have to treat veterans. They also as requested our presence on the speaker floor to engage in robust dialogue on psychedelic medicine: one of the standout moments from the conference was our president, Jon Dalton, taking the stage as a panelist in a discussion titled "Leading By Example: Veterans And Their Role In Mental Health Treatments & Policy." Jon's insights and experiences offered a profound perspective on the crucial role veterans can play in shaping mental health treatments and policies, especially in the context of psychedelic therapies. It was an honor to represent our coalition at MCON and to advocate for revolutionary, innovative, and effective solutions to mental health.

CSG West

Jon Dalton, and Senator Rochelle Nguyen briefed the Council of State Governments West (CSG West) this week on a panel titled "Building More Effective Healthcare Solutions: Psychedelics Research, Psilocybin Therapy, and Collaborative Care."

CSG West is devoted to engaging in robust conversations on relevant issues facing Western states. This session focused on increasing research and legislation around psychedelics research, psilocybin therapy, and collaborative care to combat health issues such as anxiety, depression, addiction, and PTSD. Western legislators engaged in a discussion about what each state is doing to enact such legislation. 

CSG West provides state legislators and legislative staff with valuable relationship building and professional growth opportunities through a variety of member-driven, regionally focused programs and services. Highly informative conversation and peer-to-peer collaboration are the focus of their regular convenings, with a keen eye on supporting important state and regional policy efforts. Learn more here.

This Friday at Sierra Psychedelic Society!


Huge gratitude for the incredible turnout to our recent fundraising event at KRI Architecture! We are so grateful for the support from our sponsors, hosts, donors, speakers, DJs and volunteers!

Randy Gates AKA RAZL brought the dance vibes and created a beautiful, energetic and conscious setting--thank you, RAZL!

Check out RAZL's set here.

NCPM President & retired Navy SEAL, Jon Dalton, gave a compelling presentation on "The State of Psychedelic Legalization in Nevada"

Watch the talk here.

Dr. Burton Tabaac inspired with a talk on "Challenging Preconceived Notions, Psychedelics as Therapeutics"

Watch the talk here.

Magic in mushrooms? Veterans working to legalize psychedelic drugs in Nevada

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — The Nevada Coalition for Psychedelic Medicines is making a push to help veterans combat post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Watch here.

Now Nevada could be legalizing psychedelic drugs

The Nevada Coalition for Psychedelic Medicines is a political alliance formed earlier this year in response to SB 242 being signed into law at a 2023 legislative session. The bill was introduced by state Senator Rochelle Nguyen, newslv.com reported.

Read the article here.

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