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With no certainty as to when in-person donor visits will safely resume, cultivating donors virtually is essential. NonProfitPRO gives six tips for successful virtual major donor calls. Consider deepening your relationships with your current donors first and avoid reaching out to new prospects for now. Take interest in how they've been doing during quarantine and educate your donors on the good work your organization has been doing. Read all six tips here.
A survey by EAB warns that college revenue is likely to drop over the next two years. The survey queried 110 university fundraising professionals about current revenue projections. More than 40 percent of colleges are projecting a 10 percent or larger decline in fundraising revenue for FY 20 and more than one in five institutions expect fundraising revenue to fall by at least 20 percent. FY 21 has an even bleaker outlook. Nearly 45 percent of institutions project double-digit declines in fundraising revenue, and a growing number of colleges project a decline of 30 percent or more compared to 2019 totals. The survey's respondents believe that this will be because of major gifts decline, especially major gifts made to athletics. Read the full findings here.
A study from the Center for Effective Philanthropy (based on responses from 172 CEOs of nonprofits that receive at least one grant from staffed foundations that give $5 million or more annually) shows that nonprofits that receive foundation grants have not suffered cutbacks as a result of the pandemic. On the other end of the spectrum, foundations that rely on revenue from fees for services, ticket sales, and other activities saw a 77 percent decline. Overall, 84 percent of CEOs of nonprofits said there was at least a moderate or significant impact on their organizations. Read the full findings here.
The  Andrew W. Mellon Foundation , the  Doris Duke Charitable Found ation , the  Ford Foundation , the  W. K. Kellogg Foundation  and the  John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation have pledged to increase their charitable giving by $1.7 billion to address economic problems throughout the nation. Higher education nonprofits may benefit, as the foundations are looking to contribute to solving racial equity and social justice issues and to contribute to arts and culture, education, human services, and more.
Keeping donors engaged is all the more difficult during a global pandemic, but Giving USA has five tips on donor engagement during these unusual times. First, make sure you are keeping your donors informed on how your organization has handled operations in the face of turmoil. Encourage your donors to celebrate small and large victories for your organization. Remember to share personal stories of impact with your donors. Don't forget to remind donors of your organizations' mission and don't hesitate to ask your donors to stand with you as your accomplish your mission. Read more here.