Fundraising Update for Project Engage
September 11, 2020
Update from our Development Director
We are again setting our sights on wrapping up Phase 1 of Project Engage. We lost some steam last Spring with the funding (thanks a lot COVID!), but are excited to share that we are now under $100,000 left to raise! We need YOUR help to see that this goal is met. Can you join us in one of the following ways?
  •  If you have not yet given, prayerfully consider what ways you may give (money, a load of beans/corn, stocks, gold bars, land, or other)
  •  If you have pledged already (VERY grateful and appreciative!) we ask that you make sure that your pledge is filled with the appropriate giving schedule
  •  If your place of work has opportunities to give towards community education development
  •  If you have ideas or resources to generate new support, we welcome your input!
Through all of these opportunities, we strive to expand not only the physical space at OCCS, but extend the place of OCCS for years to come. We are humbled with your partnership in solid Christian Education. Let us continue to lay the ground work for expansion for another 116 years!
Online Giving
You can donate to the Building Project online!

Please use the attached link to make a donation:

You may also contact the office or a board member to make a donation or a pledge. Thank you!