Fundraising Update for Project Engage
November 24, 2020
Fundraising Event - Starts Monday November 30
We’ve told you to save the date, but now it’s time to let you in on what is going on. Our school is hoping to finish paying off Phase I by the end of the year and we need your help. Due to COVID-19, we decided it would be best to hold a virtual fundraiser. As a school, we need to raise $80,000 to finish paying off the building. 
A few days remain until we kick off our #finishthephase fundraiser. To help kick it off, an anonymous donor pledged to match up to $12,000 for all donations received on November 30 only. So be sure to get your donation in on that day!
There are a few different ways to donate. Donations will be accepted electronically through Venmo and the online giving website. You can also make a donation with cash or a check. You can find more information on how to donate through Facebook, the OCCS website, or you can stop in the school office.

For every set amount of money raised, you will unlock a new mystery event. There will be hints along the way for you to decipher what the event might be, but you have to get to the benchmark to find out for sure! The first benchmark we need to meet is $5,000. Because we are feeling generous, we will give you the first level as a freebie. If we raise $5,000, the students of OCCS will have a School Spirit Dress Up day the next school day. We can’t wait to see all our students in school apparel but we need your help to get there. Continue to check up on our Facebook page to see our progress and find clues as to the next level!
Now Available - VENMO
You can now make a donation to the OCCS Building Project through Venmo. The QR Code is attached or you can search the name: @OrangeCityChristianSchool.

In the description field where it says "What is it for?", you must include your name and list the 'Building Project' as what the donation is for.
Online Giving
You can donate to the Building Project online!

Please use the attached link to make a donation:

You may also contact the office or a board member to make a donation or a pledge. Thank you!