Send a special Valentine treat or toy to a shelter pet!

With your help, we can make Valentine’s Day extra special for the animals in our care! For just $20, your donation can support a pet while staying at the shelter, and give them a special Valentine’s Day toy or treat to brighten their day!

Send a Valentine to a Pet!

Celebrate Valentine's Day with your pet!

This February 14, make your pet your Valentine and spend some quality time with them to make them feel extra special! Try these ideas to ensure your fur-baby feels the love.

  1. Bake a special treat for your pet! Try this healthy dog treat recipe, savoury cat snacks, or treat your bunny to a special bite from this list!
  2. Give your pet a massage! Just like people, animals enjoy the ultimate relaxation!
  3. Have a "date night in". Cuddle up on the couch to watch a movie or enjoy a good book and get some snuggle time in with your pet.
  4. Take an extra long walk with your pup (weather permitting) or set aside some extra play time with your fur-baby!

Bonded cats are FREE until Feb 14!

Our Bonded Cat promotion has been going so well - with 15 bonded pairs finding their forever homes since the promotion launched on January 14. One such pair is Sausage and Pudding (pictured above), who are enjoying lots of belly rubs, window time and cuddles in their new home! Erin, below, adopted another adorable pair - Tiger and Fiona. Tiger can be a bit of an escape artist, but you may be able to spot him waiting in his carrier to be brought to his new home with Fiona!

While most of our bonded pairs have found their homes, there are still a few duos looking for the right family. Check out our adoptable cats at the link below!

View adoptable cats

Wellness Appointments Available!

While we still have some winter to get through, spring - and the parasites that arrive with it - will be here soon. That makes now the perfect time to book your pet a wellness appointment to ensure their parasite prevention and vaccines are up to date. February wellness appointments at our veterinary clinic are open now! Learn more about our wellness services and book an appointment at the link below.

Book an Appointment

Meet Lancelot!

This big handsome fellow is Lancelot! He is a gentle, sweet, curious young man who is looking for a very special home. You see, Lancelot tested positive for FeLV, which his adopter will need to be comfortable with.

What is FeLV?

Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) can significantly compromise the immune system, so routine preventive healthcare is important. Infected felines often have a shorter than average lifespan, though can live a relatively normal life for a period of time. There are many ways that FeLV adversely affects a cat, most commonly including; cancer, blood disorders, and overall immunodeficiency. It is important that any medical concerns are promptly addressed with a veterinarian. The primary mode of transmission for FeLV is through bite wounds, mutual grooming, and (rarely) through the use of shared litter boxes and feeding dishes. Since this condition can be easily transmitted to other cats, those testing positive should be housed only with those who have also tested positive. 

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