Your donations gave Grace her happy ending!

Remember Grace? She was found searching for food by a dumpster, skinny and starving. Because of donors like you, she was able to get the care she needed to get healthy, and is now in her forever home where she is enjoying time with her new family! Now named Maisy, her new mom says that she loves cuddling with her doggo brother Bruce and that "she was totally at home the moment she got in our house!"

You can help more animals like Maisy just in time for Christmas. Will you help us change more lives?

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Our foster volunteers are an important part of our organization. They temporarily care for animals in their home until the pet is ready for adoption. Foster animals are often too young to go up for adoption, require time to heal after a surgery, or need a little extra work on behaviour and socialization. We provide all the supplies, food, litter, leashes, and medical care - you provide the space and love.

Fostering is an incredibly rewarding experience that can make a huge difference in the life of an animal in need. Whether you have experience with animals or are new to the world of fostering, we will provide you with all the resources you need to ensure that your foster animal is happy and healthy. 

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There are still a few days left in our 12 Days of Christmas promotion! December 12 through 23, we have had a new exciting adoption promo every day! This promotion was made possible by the generous support of Royal Canin to help us get lots of animals home for the holidays!

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The Joys of Sniffing During Walks

As the days get colder and the sun sets earlier, it's easy to fall into the pattern of rushing through your dog's walk - after all, it's c-c-c-oooold out there! But hurrying your pup along and preventing them from getting to sniff during walks deprives them of one of their favourite activities.

A dog’s sense of smell is their most developed sense and it plays a central role in their life - their ability to perceive and interpret odours far surpasses that of humans! That’s why your pup stops to smell things along their walks. We like to think of it as them "checking their text messages"!

Smells provide dogs with lots of information, and are a natural way for them to connect with the world around them, explore their environment, and satisfy their curiosity. So, during your next walk, try to slow down and enjoy this time with your furry pal while they “check their texts”!

Your dog will be happy, mentally stimulated, and so very grateful to you. Enjoy your walk!

Meet Matilda!

Matilda was very excited to meet Santa at our photo event, and insisted that we show you her photo! As you can see, she is a beautiful girl, who was found as a stray. We aren't sure how she feels about other pets, or kids but likely would be ok with respectful friends. She is a bit shy here at the shelter, but we understand! Matilda's Christmas wish is to find her forever home in time for Santa's visit so she can thank him for granting her wish!

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