Have your dog, cat, or rabbit microchipped without leaving your vehicle! For $20 (cash only) your pet will have lifetime identification and protection if they are ever lost. Dogs must be on a leash, and cats and rabbits in a carrier. This event will take place on Tuesday, August 15 at Devonshire Mall, in the parking lot near Cineplex. All pets who arrive during the clinic times will be seen - no need to arrive early, and no appointment required.

Our recent cat adoption event was a HUGE success - 166 cats and kittens found homes in three days!!! As you can see from the updates that have been flooding in, these kitties are already living their best lives.

We want to send a heartfelt thank you to all our amazing staff and volunteers who worked so hard to get cats ready for the event and who didn't stop for three days helping potential adopters. We also want to thank all the adopters who came (and sometimes waited in line) to give a loving home to a feline in need!

If you were thinking of adopting you might worry that there are no cats or kittens left, but there are still lots of wonderful felines waiting for you to take them home. Visit our Adoption Centre on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday afternoons from 1:30-6pm or check them out and apply online and our friendly adoption counsellors will set up a meeting time just for you.

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When possible, we don't hesitate to help animals in need from near and far. While this year's dramatic increase in dog surrenders has made it harder for us to accept large numbers of transfer dogs, we try to help whenever we are asked, especially when the requests are from our neighbouring shelters.

In July alone, we accepted ten dogs from Essex County pounds, and two dogs from our friends just over the border in Detroit. One of the dogs from a rural pound was 9 year old Babette. Our medical team provided necessary vet care, and our behaviour team worked with her to discover what kind of home she needed. Now, she's ready for adoption!

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A family pet is more than “just a cat or dog”, they are a member of the family and the loss of their companionship is painful. Research has found that the loss of a pet can sometimes be more painful than the death of a relative. Windsor Chapel Funeral Home is hosting a service in memory of pets who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Please note that registration is required and spaces are limited.

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Madelin, Ava, and Eloise came in with a whole bunch of donations that they paid for doing a Lemonade Stand! They went to Ren’s Pets with our Wish List and got lots of great food and toys for the animals.

Want to have your own fundraiser? Check out our wish list here:

Wish list of most needed items
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