We're not even halfway through the year, and already the Humane Society has helped thousands of animals! So far this year we have found homes for 944 pets in need, rescued 531 sick or injured wild animals, and provided 2,679 spay/ neuter surgeries for public animals (many more when you include shelter animals!). Donations from people like YOU make this life-saving work possible.

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Separation anxiety in dogs can be a challenge! That's why the WECHS behaviour team will be offering an educational session on working through separation issues with your pup. The session will be held at the Humane Society on Friday, June 23 at 6:30. The cost is $15 and includes light refreshments. Please note that this is a human-only session providing tips that you can take home and work on with your own dog. To register, please email [email protected].

And if you are lucky enough that your dog doesn't have separation anxiety, here are some handy tips to help prevent issues from developing over the summer months:

🐾 Keeping a routine is important. Ideally with some aspects of their current routine remaining the same (i.e morning and evening routines remain the same as during the school year)

🐾 Allow your dog some time to be alone each day. This doesn’t have to be a long stretch of time, even an hour a day will help your dog keep their confidence to be alone when routines go back to normal

🐾 Prepare your dog for the return back to normal. As you near that time start getting back into the usual routine, give your dog extra exercise before leaving for the day, provide your dog with extra chew objects to keep them busy. If someone has been home most of the summer, slowly extend the amount of time the dog is left home alone

🐾 Remember that each dog is different, and each dog will respond to changes in their routine differently!  

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We want to send a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported Strays on Streetcorners last weekend. Our dedicated volunteers braved the roasting temps to help animals, and our community came through! You helped raise over $40,000 to help animals in need right here in Windsor and Essex County. Thank you!

Missed us out on the streets? It's not too late! You can make a $10 donation from your phone by texting STRAYS to 20222 today.

Thank you as well to our Strays on Streetcorners sponsors, who helped make this event possible:

Royal Canin

Nancy Johns Gallery & Framing

Ren's Pets

Bell Media CTV Windsor and AM 800 CKLW

St. Clair College Alumni Association

Gateway Valuations Canada

Extend Communications

Sometimes it really does take a village (or in this case a whole country) working together to get an animal their happy ending. You see, Bambi was unlucky enough to be a pit bull in a province where pit bulls are banned. The Windsor/ Essex County Humane Society has opposed breed specific legislation (BSL) since the Ontario government first considered it, but sadly, it's still in place. But thanks to our awesome friends on social media who shared her story, a super family (who already have an alumni dog from WECHS) applied to adopt her, and a caring guy named Randy offered to drive Bambi (now Zoe) all the way to her new home in Moncton, New Brunswick! 

Every time we mention BSL someone tells us that it was repealed in Ontario. It was not. Learn more, and contact your MPP about actually repealing BSL in Ontario here:


Mr. Sushi Burrito came to the Humane Society with his siblings after being found outside in Comber. He is a little bit shy, but ready to brighten your home with lots of kitten antics! If you've been waiting to adopt a kitten, this is a great time because we have lots of adorable floofs waiting to love you.

Visit our Adoptables web site to check out available animals 24 hours a day! Our Adoption Centre is also open for walk-in visits on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 1:30pm to 6pm. Every other day visits to meet animals are by appointment after you have submitted an application online. Walk-in times are limited for the welfare of our animals. We’ve learned that they find a lot of foot traffic stressful, so by limiting walk-in times we’re keeping them more comfortable and calm. We appreciate your understanding!

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