While you may be looking forward to July 1 celebrations, your pet probably isn't. Fireworks can be terrifying for many animals: dogs, cats, horses, and even wild animals can panic as they hear bangs and see random "bombs bursting in air". How can you keep your furry friends safe?

๐Ÿพ Unless you are positive that your pet is ok with fireworks, leave them at home during events. Never force them outside when they are frightened.

๐Ÿพ Make sure that there is a safe place in the house for them. An interior room without windows is ideal, and you can make it more cosy by adding a tasty chew bone, their favourite bed, and a radio, television, or white noise machine.

๐Ÿพ Comfort your pet if they are scared. It doesn't reinforce their fear, it just lets them know that you care about them and want to keep them safe.

๐Ÿพ If you know a fireworks event is planned nearby, be sure to take your dog out for good walk beforehand to tire them out.

๐Ÿพ For pets who get extremely anxious and can't be comforted, speak to your veterinarian about anti-anxiety medications.

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We recently offered an adoption promotion where for a short time all our rabbits could be adopted for free, and we're SUPER excited to share that ALL our adoptable bunnies have found great homes! But now, the guineas want to get in on that action. So, until the end of June you can adopt any single, pair, or trio of guinea pigs for FREE! Check them out and apply to adopt online or stop by our Adoption Centre during walk-in hours on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 1:30 to 6pm.

Looking to adopt a rabbit? Not to worry! We have new pets available for adoption daily so be sure to check back soon.

Adopt a guinea pig

Strays on Streetcorners 2023 was a HUGE success, and we want to thank everyone who volunteered and donated. With the donations that have continued to come in since the event, we have now raised over $50,000 to help animals in need right here in Windsor and Essex County!

But it's not too late to help us push that total even higher! Until June 30 you can make a $10 donation from your phone by texting STRAYS to 20222.

Thank you to our Strays sponsors, who helped make this event possible:

Royal Canin

Nancy Johns Gallery & Framing

Ren's Pets

Bell Media CTV Windsor and AM 800 CKLW

St. Clair College Alumni Association

Gateway Valuations Canada

Extend Communications

We know that it will be a pain to keep your dog away from them. And we know that you haven't seen mom (that's intentional on her part!). And we know there are stray cats around who could find the nest. But baby bunnies are SUPER hard to rehab, and if they're taken from their nest their odds of survival (even with skilled wildlife folks like Wings Rehab Centre or Erie Wildlife Rescue) are pretty dismal. 

Once those babies are out of the nest, they may look tiny, but they are weaned and out on their own. They're still learning their way in the world so they may not run away from you, but remember, their calm behaviour is fear, not friendliness. 

Please, if you find a nest in your yard, cover it back up and walk away. It's only a few weeks...keep your dog on a leash or turn a wheelbarrow upside-down over the nest so mom can get in but your pup can't. And give those babies the best chance possible.

Some dog alumni just stick in your heart, and Isen is one of them. He waited with us a long time before he found the right home, but it was SOOO worth the wait! This handsome boy has been lifting spirits at St. Leonard's House since they adopted him in 2019, and we LOVE seeing updates about him. This month they celebrated his 15th birthday in style! Happy birthday, Isen! We wish you many more!

More photos from Isen's 15th

"I'm Ghost and until I get to know you, that's what you'll think you're living with (except I never say 'Boo'). I'll be watching you from one of my hiding places and you'll need to be very, very patient because it's likely gonna take quite a while for me to come out on my own. I've been spending time in a quiet foster home and the nice lady made me a pillow fort on her couch so I can be near her and peek out and watch tv with her. I'm much too shy to live in a home with lots of activity or noise so will do best in a quiet, adult, dog-free home. They told me that I'm a 'Diamond in the Rough' and that you can take me home for FREE if you're willing to give me a chance. That sounds fine, because all I really want in life is someone patient and kind to give me a chance and be my new human when I'm ready to trust them. Could that be you?"

Adopt Ghost
Sponsor Ghost

Beauty without cruelty! Weโ€™re thrilled to share that yesterday the federal government passed legislation to ban cosmetic testing on animals! Canada now joins the over 40 nations that have banned or restricted animal testing for cosmetics.

The federal Food and Drugs Act now prohibits:

๐ŸTesting cosmetics on animals in Canada;

๐Ÿ Selling cosmetics that rely on animal testing; and,

๐Ÿ False or misleading labelling about the testing of cosmetics on animals.

This exciting amendment, combined with recent government action announced last week to start phasing out animal toxicity testing, will end the unnecessary pain, suffering and death of hundreds of thousands of animals every year in Canada. We want to thank our colleagues at Humane Canada for all their efforts to move these life-saving pieces of legislation over the finish line!

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