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Small Business Highlight: ChewieSnacks Freeze-Dried Dog Treats


Beef, Liver, and Tripe - yum!


ChewieSnacks is run by one of my clients, out of Washoe Valley, NV.  Currently Chewie is offering a combination mixture of beef, liver and tripe, and Grass Fed beef heart.
All meat, no grains, no preservatives, no fillers, and  no additional additives make these simple treats healthy and very high-value to your pet!

Visit www.chewiesnacks.com or order.

Happy snacking! 

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Winter 2015       


Business is booming, and we're continuing to expand our cadre of trainers.  Meet Beverly!

Beverly Lassiter has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and is a Barn Hunt Association Level B Judge.  With a strong commitment to understanding and promoting positive human and dog relationships, Beverly helps clients bring out the best in themselves and their dogs.  Beverly actively seeks continuing education regarding positive reinforcement training methods and attends dog training and professional development seminars annually, as well as scouring scientific literature regarding positive reinforcement training and the canine-human bond. 

Bev lives with her dogs Olive, the Miniature Schnauzer, and Tango, the Standard Schnauzer, who both hold barn hunt and nose work titles.

Beyond her impressive drive for excellence, Beverly is kind, intelligent, funny, and great with humans as well as dogs.  We're very lucky to have her! Thank you for your referrals and support, which make this expansion possible!
Did You Know?

4 Ways Dogs Improve Our Health 

Stress relief. The verdict is in: dogs are better than vacations. The affection and loving acceptance we get from dogs are among the most effective soothers of human stress.

Lower blood pressure. Whether through the increased exercise of daily walks or the above mentioned stress relief, dogs have been shown to reduce high blood pressure.

Lower cholesterol. Dog guardians typically have lower cholesterol levels than people with no dogs, possibly because dog people might adopt a healthier lifestyle overall.

Pain reduction. In one study, people recovering from surgery needed 50% less pain medication after receiving visits from therapy dogs. In another, people living with chronic pain reported experiencing less pain after petting a dog for as little as 15 minutes.
Winter 2015 Training Tidbit: 
You can try this at home!
Size Matters! 
Your Chihuahua may love Boxers and your Rottie mix may adore Dachshunds. But when little and big play together, keep close watch. Big dogs can unintentionally harm small dogs-and on the rare occasions when friendly play escalates into a scuffle, the smaller dog is at risk for serious injury or death. If you let your dog play with very differently sized dogs, supervise vigilantly.

No chasing. Don't allow chase or wrestle games between a very large and a very small dog. If you see this happening, call your dog away with a treat. At the park, seek out areas with more dogs his own size.

Why is this important? Dogs love to chase things-balls, cats, sticks, Frisbees, and other dogs. They get this love from their wolf ancestry, along with the instincts to stalk, and grab and shake small prey animals. But wolves are all about the same size and live in the same social group their entire lives. Dogs, by contrast, have been bred into a staggering variety of sizes, and regularly meet dogs that are new to them. When dogs chase each other or wrestle, one dog may panic and begin to shriek or struggle like a prey animal. If that happens, a predatory reflex in the other dog may kick in.

Instincts are instincts. Even dogs not usually into hunting-type activities can have their predatory reflexes triggered if the situation resembles a predator-prey interaction. A good example is when one dog flees from another in a good, old-fashioned game of chase. The rapidly retreating dog suddenly looks like prey.

The risk of predatory reflexes being triggered is much greater when there's a big size difference between two dogs. So, supervise your dog's play sessions and be prepared to break up interactions with much larger or much smaller dogs. It's safer for everyone.




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