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* That the term "nonprofit" is just a tax status? We are a business, like any other business, that has income, expenses, and a product (helping families in their quest toward self-sufficiency and empowerment!).

* That as we grow it requires more infrastructure to keep up with the number of individuals requesting our assistance?

* That about 50% of our income is secured through in-kind donations of home furnishings from community members?

* That about 50% of our income is cash? This is a little know fact, but we have expenses related to storage, insurance, salaries, truck rental and fuel, and other business related expenses.

* That there are a variety of ways to donate or support Furnishing Dignity? Attend our upcoming event on October 13 (or donate an auction item or become a sponsor), make a cash donation on our website, participate in our 5k run/walk/stroll in December, and start planning for your end-of-year gift or tax credit.

It takes a variety of resources to make an impact like this!

AwesomevolunteersAwesome Volunteers

Holli received the July Volunteer of the Month Award. She hosted a donation drive in her home to collect household items from her friends, family, and coworkers; volunteered in our storage to organize inventory; and is assisting with outcomes surveys to our clients to measure the impact of our programs. Congratulations to Holli. So well deserved!
We are very excited to report that we are growing faster than we could ever have anticipated. As of July 31, year-to-date we served 77 families, which equates to 233 individuals. For all of 2016, we served a total of 285 individuals.

We are able to do this amazing work due to dedicated donors and volunteers! See the update about Holli to the left. Volunteers are the heart and soul of our business. Did you know that our Executive Director is our only paid staff member? Our two rocks, Joyce and Anita, put in over 60 hours each week as volunteers picking up donations, organizing storage, working with clients, helping to execute "Cause for Celebration, and single-handedly taking care of over 10 household moves each and every month! 

Won't you help up us grow even more?

Our Mission at Work

In-kind Donations Needed!

Following is a list of items we need the most on a regular basis:  

New pillows (only $2.37 at Walmart!)
Dressers/chest of drawers
Sofas and loveseats
Crock pots, blenders, electric can openers, toasters, and hand mixers
Small counter top microwaves
P.O. Box 51209, Phoenix AZ 85076-1209