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October 2016

Custom Summits: Boardroom class that reconfigures
Designers are increasingly getting creative with how they choose to use - and customize - the Summit.  

Calacatta o r bust?  David De Felice, our remarkable stone specialist, talks about Calacatta and its less expensive alternatives. Could one be right for your next project? Read on.

How long can you go? Our John Wall talks cantilevers. Everyone seems to want them. We're increasingly building them at incredible lengths with the aid of steel supports. 

We welcome Tami and Sam to the team. Tami Smith has joined us as our new office manager and Sam Brown is the new shipping/receiving and maintenance supervisor.

A littl e Halloween humor  to make you smile. Click the link below for a closer up look at our ode to "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." It helps if you remember the scene were Linus is waiting in the pumpkin patch with a sign welcoming the great pumpkin. 

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