February 2017


Royal brown marble and bronze Summits turn heads

It's not too often a reconfigurable table looks quite this good. WallGoldfinger's Summit tilt-top table is popular for just that reason; it is a standout for its high quality look, materials and function. But even by Summit's standards, few can compete with these marble and bronze stunners. Take a closer look


Could the executive office be back and better than ever?

Trendsetters will tell you that the traditional executive office is on the way out in favor of open offices and collaborative spaces. So why then are we building so much executive office furniture? Big desks bucking the trend

Down under
We couldn't help but notice that more and more attention is being paid by designers to what tables look like underneath - where most never look but where the results are increasingly a sight to behold. Go down under with us


Focus on veneer
Veneer Supervisor Elgin Slayton introduces us to a veneer that you may not have considered in a while and shows us how it might be used on your next project.This pale beauty is sure to impress.  Show me the veneer

Click on the image of above for some bee buzzing action shared with us by John.
Bee Boys

Project Manager John Gleason as been an apiarist for 15 years, including selling honey under the Bee Boys name with friend Bill Marcinkowski for the last five years. The duo went into the winter with 21 hives each housing between 30,000 and 80,000 bees. In a good year they gather about 600 pounds of honey during spring and fall seasons, selling it from their homes, at craft fairs and from John's desk at WallGoldfinger. An outdoor enthusiast, John explains his beloved hobby: "I feel very passionate about what bees provide for us and feel that they are a good indicator of the health of our environment."
Arbor multipurpose room tables are renowned for their removable legs and compact storage. Available in a variety of materials, edges, sizes and leg styles, Arbors easily reconfigure, provide superior leg room and store in compact, upright carts.  When quality and compact storage are priorities, the Arbor is your choice. (Also available in folding and tilting T-base models.) More about Arbors
Patent-pending Summit tilt-top conference tables are set on casters to easily reconfigure within a room or from room-to-room. ETL DaisyLink technology is provided to quickly connect tables with fewer floor cores required. Available in square and trapezoid base designs, Summits stand apart for their high-quality look and materials, including the availability of lightweight stone tabletops. More about Summits

Summit bridge
Summits have been used in every room from the café to the boardroom. One unique use is the Summit bridge design, which places Summits between two fixed tables. One fixed tabletop slides a couple of inches to access the Summits. Move the Summits to engage an operable wall and create two meeting spaces or leave the Summits in place for one long meeting table fit for the boardroom. The Summit bridge


WallGoldfinger produces the world's finest corporate office furniture. From custom boardroom and conference tables, lecterns and credenzas to meticulously-crafted product lines, WallGoldfinger's furniture is designed with state-of-the-art, integrated technology solutions, responsibly sourced and made in America for discriminating designers, furniture dealers and corporate clients.
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