February 2018
Custom furniture is most often one of a kind, but in today's black and white furniture world, we bring back a few favorites from the past decade when furniture was a kaleidoscope of patterns and hues. Here they are in no particular order. Furniture to love this Valentine's Day. Furniture to inspire. Furniture worth a  second look .

Meghan Trainor said it best:  " It's all about that bas(e) ."  These two beauties designed by IA Interior Architects feature Luce Di Luna and Dune stone tops. The stone is gorgeous. But look at those bases. The table on the left features brushed stainless steel surrounded by glass and the table on the right has gorgeous quartered makore veneer forming wide loops with a support piece down the center. Check out that open span. Talk about a custom look. 
Do you remember this more recent table? It is hard not to take note of that incredible veneer patterning. Here we have quartered cherry veneer in a radial sunburst pattern in the middle and outer fields, crotch mahogany in a radial pattern book matched, a narrow band of plain sliced ropey cherry book matched and solid cherry. This table went to Japan and took a little of our hearts with it.

Speaking of veneer, this is not your plain Jane benching system. These beautiful single and double wide benching stations designed by Gensler feature gorgeous plain sliced walnut veneer in a reverse slip butt match pattern that waterfalls from the top over the side panels. These units also feature lighting, power and data, and long open spans. Put away the white plastic laminate, here's a better way to tell your employees you appreciate them.  

And we add one more for today's lover of  grays and whites. Before calacatta marble took over, there was linac. This beautiful striped marble was popular on these two tables designed by Visnick & Caulfield Associates and surely made for a standout look. The center of the larger table is Thassos white marble, and the base is polished stainless steel. The smaller table uses stone direction to create a unique look.

Summit tables  are renowned for both their functionality and aesthetic appeal. Tops tilt and casters retract for movement within a room or from room to room. Want to learn more about these incredible tables?  If you haven't already seen it, check out our new  Summit animation



Vermont ties for sixth when it comes to states with the highest number of Olympians in the winter games. That statistic gets more impressive when you look at per capita numbers. According to Forbes.com: "No state can touch Vermont on a per capita basis ... . Vermont is sending 15 people from the Green Mountain State to Pyeongchang, roughly one for every 41,600 residents of the state (California is one per 1.8 million by contrast and Texas a whopping one in 9.4 million)."

In Texas' defense, Vermont does have a slight advantage when it comes to the winter games. Here's a hint: winter.

Remember our take on the summer Olympics? That was fun.

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