Here's How To Improve NavPilot 711C Integration With Hamilton Jet Drives
July 1, 2020
Furuno Fred #2020-04
Many drive units can be interfaced with the NavPilot 711C. Did you know that the NavPilot 711C can connect to a variety of Hamilton Jet Drive systems as well, such as the MECS and BlueArrow?
The Hamilton MECS drive, in larger commercial applications, and the smaller BlueArrow, for smaller recreational and sport fishing applications, have been interconnected with our NavPilot 700 series with great success. There's a lot going on, as the Autopilot interfaces with and then sends rudder commands to the Hamilton controller first, which in turn moves the jet nozzles. Aside from the interfacing between the Autopilot and the MECS/BlueArrow controller, one of the most important components is the Rudder Reference Unit (RRU) and its signal back to the NavPilot. While Hamilton provides a built-in RRU, we highly recommend use of the Furuno FAP6112 RRU (provided with inboard models) for better precision. The RRU is easily mounted on top of the Jet drive, as shown below (mounted to a Hamilton MECS VS1710 drive unit).
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