" News to Know " - October Edition
+ October Calendar
Parents - GET READY!!! Below is our calendar of events for the month of October. We hope your student will join us at some of these events. Details and registrations can be found below.
+ Fusion Worship (Mid High and Senior High)
We will have 2 unique Fusion Worship nights in the month of October (1 for Mid High/ 1 for Senior High). The Senior High Worship Night will be on October 11th and the Mid High Worship Night will be on October 18th! Both nights will be from 6pm-8pm. Registrations for these nights can be found by clicking the buttons below and remember that REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED THE FRIDAY BEFORE YOUR STUDENT'S FUSION WORSHIP DATE!
+ Fusion Hangout Nights
As we begin this new school year, we also begin a new series of programs called "Fusion Hangouts". Throughout the month of October we will be hosting "Hangouts" with various student groups. Registration for these events is required. You can signup today by clicking the button below that corresponds to your student's grade. Remember that REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED and each registration has a LIMITED NUMBER OF SPOTS AVAILABLE!!! (20 SPOTS)! REGISTER TODAY!!!
Basic COVID-19 Policies for Fusion Worship and Hangout Nights at the Church:
  • Students are REQUIRED to register prior to the event. The Hangouts will have limited spots allowed so REGISTER NOW! You MUST register for Fusion Worship the Friday prior to your student's Fusion Worship date.
  • Parents are to drive up to the blue Fusion Tent by the Pavilion Parking Lot for drop off and keep their student in the vehicle until they have been screened and checked in.
  • Students will need to bring a mask for all Fusion events.
  • Food elements like "Snack Supper" will be individually packaged and ready for easy distribution. Any food items not individually wrapped or sealed will be distributed safely by Staff or Volunteers who are trained in the CDC Guidelines for handling food.
  • Drop Off and Pick Up times are very important! Students cannot be dropped off earlier than event time and they need to be picked up on time! This helps us with transitioning between groups and setup.
  • All students will be required to fill out a COVID-19 Waiver for this year to participate in any in-person activities. (you only have to fill it out once). You can find this waiver below.
Policy and Procedure
+ Fusion COVID-19 Mitigation
COVID-19 has affected each of us. Know that even in the midst of the chaos, we plan to continue doing Youth Ministry in new and innovative ways. Some of you might have questions about our policies and procedures for some of our "normal events" like Fusion Worship. Be sure to click the links below to see our Policies and Procedures.
+ jessica ferguson 404.770.4848
+ mike smith 404.770.4848
+ visit the fusion website
+ join our NEW TEXT service
text the code below to 81010
6th Grade: “@mfumc-6th”
7th Grade: “@mfumc-7th” 
8th Grade: “@mfumc-8th” 
9th Grade: “@mfumc-9th” 
10th-12th Grade: “@10th-12th”