February, 2020 - NEWSLETTER
In this edition:

  • Sign up for a call with Coach Sami
  • Adding group ZOOM calls
  • New invoicing system
  • Fusion Endurance happenings
  • Get your merchandise here
  • Sign up to be a part of the Ironman TriClub
  • Running in the cold weather (article)
  • Coach Sami's travels
Schedule a call with Coach Sami
You can now schedule a one-on-one 30 minute phone call with Coach Sami. She will still be calling to check on you from time to time - this is simply another way of keeping you connected and making sure that your needs are being met and your questions are being answered. To schedule a call, simply click on the link below to bring up a calendar of available times. Select the time that works best for you and your call will automatically be scheduled. Then, at your assigned time, call in; Sami will be expecting you.

We simply ask that you try to limit the number of scheduled calls to one a month (to be sure that all Fusion Endurance athletes have an opportunity to take advantage of this service).

Here is the link - now let's chat:

Group ZOOM calls - getting to know each other
AND, in case you get bored of talking with just Coach Sami, we are also going to hold GROUP VIDEO CALLS. These calls will take place approximately every other month and will be held on Wednesday evenings at 7pm. Each call will begin with a "topic of conversation" lead by Coach Sami, and then will be turned over to all participants for group discussions. This is a great way for you all to get to know each other a bit and find out what your fellow Fusion Endurance athletes are up to. One of the most important advantages to being a part of a group is being able to share experiences and learn from each others challenges and successes. These calls will give you the opportunity to do just that.

Our first group video call will take place on Wednesday, February 19th at 7pm. About a week prior to that date, we will send out a call invite with the information on how to sign in and join the group conversation. These are video calls, so you will be able to see (and be seen by) your fellow FE teammates. If you would prefer to participate as an "audio only" member, you can do that too. You will be given the option when you join the call. However, we do hope that most of you will take full advantage of the audio and visual aspects of the calls in order to receive the greatest benefit from the experience.

Anyone wishing to join in on these calls will have to download the ZOOM program (it's a free software program that's easy to download and to use). Here is the link to get you started:

When we send out the call invite, we will also give you a basic idea of what the topic of discussion will be, so that you can decide whether or not you wish to participate. We will also be asking for an RSVP (we won't make you commit 100%) just to give us an idea of how many members we are expecting.

We hope you will take advantage of and enjoy this newly added member benefit. Looking forward to ZOOMING with you all soon!
New Invoicing System
Unless you are brand new to FEC, you have probably noticed that your invoice for the month of February looks a little different. We have updated the system and are now using an auto-generated process. Woo-hoo! So, from this point on, on the 26th of each month, you will receive, via email, an invoice for the following month's coaching fees. (unless you are set up to pay directly through Training Peaks). Your invoice will be due 10 days from the time of receipt and you can pay it, through Paypal, by simply clicking on the link provided. This will insure that your payment is being credited directly to your account and will be very helpful to us and our record keeping.

Thank you for keeping your account current. We appreciate you and hope that you find this new streamlined system convenient.

Fusion Endurance Happenings
Sometimes, we just like to brag about our awesome members. So here goes:

On January 19th, members Becky Mansfield and Gwen Butler took part in the Winter Warm Up Swim Clinic put on by Fusion Endurance Coaching along with Full Circle Coaching. Who knew learning could be so much fun! Here is a tiny snippet of Gwen's video analysis:

Congratulations to Nadine Boyd White who qualified for the Boston Marathon. We could not be more proud of her hard work and determination that will take her to that start line. Way to go Nadine. We will be cheering you on every step of the way.

And while we are spotlighting just a few of our members in this newsletter, we know that there have been many great accomplishments recently; first races, PR's and much incredible growth. We are watching and will be calling you out too. And, in the mean time, if you have something that you would like to "show and tell" to the group, please send it along to either Sami or Mary and you may become one of our newsletter's "happenings" (don't be shy - we want you shouting from the roof tops about all of your awesomeness).
Get your merchandise here
Just a quick reminder that custom Fusion Endurance apparel is available. There are many items and styles to choose from. Check it out! We would love to see you sporting our stylish brand as you cross your next finish line.

AND, if you should decide to purchase some of our custom apparel, please take a picture of you training or racing in it and send it to us.  Beginning on March 1st and until July 1st, we will collect all photos and randomly select one winner to receive $25 off of their August training fees.  (really we just want to see your pics and hope that the $25 is at least a little incentive to get you to send them in).

Sign up to be a member of the Ironman TriClub
For any members planning to participate in an Ironman event in 2020, don't forget to join the Ironman TriClub. As a member of the Fusion Endurance Coaching team, you can take advantage of several perks.

An interesting read on the topic of running in cold weather
We came across this article and thought it was worth a glance. Check in out to learn more about the benefits of running in cold weather, some do's and don'ts and tips on the best way to dress for outdoor exercise at this time of year.

To read the article CLICK HERE
Coach Sami's travels
On February 10 Coach Sami is traveling to Fairbanks Alaska to spend a few days taking dog mushing lessons and observing the beautiful wintry sites, including the northern lights! And while she will have very limited access to phone and/or email communications during her time away, she is working hard to be sure that all of your training plans are in order and you will have plenty to do while she's gone. She'll return to her desk on February 18 and can't wait to share her Alaskan experiences with all of you. You can expect to see some great pictures in the next newsletter!