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Don’t forget to check out the Sample of my new audiobook, Bioelectromagnetic Healing: A Rationale for its Use, on Bioelectromagnetic Healing by Thomas Valone Ph.D. - Audiobook - Audible.com: English. The narrator Walter Brown did an excellent job and it is quite articulate, besides having the storyline very compelling and interesting Healthwise. 
This week here on Capitol Hill, we saw a miracle occur with the imminent passage of an “Inflation Reduction Bill” that is mostly directed toward reversing climate change and supporting cleaner technology, for which Manchin’s Inflation Reduction Act is really a climate and energy bill. What’s in it? - Vox says, “it would be the single most important legislative step the US has ever taken to combat the climate crisis.” Even the independent Rhodium Group says the quoted “40% reduction in pollution by 2030” in the bill is “plausible.”
Our First Story centers on my recent public education service via Dr. Michael Salla’s “Exopolitics Today” interview online, which is now on YouTube. If you are like me and want a short URL to remember and share, here it is for this one hour memorable biography of my exciting work with IRI: https://tinyurl.com/ValoneExopolitics. Of course, the capital letters are nonessential but may help you remember it. I think you will enjoy the candid nature of the interview, which is highlighted with photos and slides.
Story #2 is an unusual discovery that mainly deals with electron transfer and CO2 storage. Goethe University found a new enzyme in a bacteria that can utilize CO2 and hydrogen, which alone makes it useful. More practical uses are on the way.
Story #3 explains a fascinating subject that has always interested me. Why are we not optimizing the space on top of EVs for solar panel electricity input? Well, this “Engineering Explained” video is full of details, on a marker board no less, as to why is not feasible for the first 10 minutes, until he analyzes the Aptera Motor 2200 lb. electric vehicle to be released with lots of solar panels on it. Being about 20% of the weight of a Tesla EV, this makes a big difference in the calculations! Now for the last 5-minutes, our geek even explains how you will get 40 miles/day of “free energy” from the sun with the Apera Motor car and shows how the numbers actually match his calculations for what is available from the sun. Amazing reversal of opinion in one video.
Story #4 shows how persistent the Swiss are when they are onto something important and innovative. After 14 years of digging underground, a water storage and release system called a “water battery” is now operational in the Swiss Alps. Capable of 20 GW/h of power generation during demand exceeding supply cycles and the opposite in pumping water for supply exceeding demand time outs. The 2-minute silent video is a simple and educational video, great for school kids of all ages. The article also notes that China is planning 270 GW of energy storage capacity by 2025 so the Western world has some catching up to do.
Story #5 is one of my favorite topics, tapping into geothermal energy, which MIT told us with their study back in 2007 that it could power much of the United States. Even Iceland explored drilling into molten lava magma for ten times the energy density of geothermal power as we reported in https://integrityresearchinstitute.org/Enews/EnewsDec2016.htm#LETTER.BLOCK19. Now Quaise Energy, building on MIT’s work, is planning to retrofit old coal and gas power plants to become geothermal clean energy hotspots, completely carbon-free.


Tom Valone, PhD
1) IRI President Interview with Dr. Michael Salla

In this interview with Dr. Michael Salla, Dr. Valone discusses how he became interested in Future Energy, Nikola Tesla, a century of suppression of breakthrough technologies, the role of the USPTO in this suppression, the controversy over his 1999 Conference on Future Energy, the creation of his Integrity Research Institute, and some of the breakthrough electrogravitic propulsion, electrotherapy, and zero point energy inventions he has personally worked on or whose development he has supported.
2) Research on bacteria: Electron highway for hydrogen and carbon dioxide storage discovered
July 20 2022

In 2013, a team of microbiologists led by Professor Volker Müller from Goethe University Frankfurt discovered an unusual enzyme in a heat-loving (thermophilic) bacterium: the hydrogen-dependent CO2 reductase HDCR. It produces formic acid (formate) from gaseous hydrogen (H2) and carbon dioxide (CO2), and in the process the hydrogen transfers electrons to the carbon dioxide. That makes this HDCR the first known enzyme which can directly utilize hydrogen. In contrast, all enzymes known until then that produce formic acid take a detour: they obtain the electrons from soluble cellular electron transfer agents, which for their part, receive the electrons from the hydrogen with the help of other enzymes

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3) Solar-Powered Cars are Coming
Solar Tribune July 2022

The electric vehicle and solar energy markets are both simultaneously growing at record clips, which begs the question, why haven’t cars powered entirely by the sun taken root as the next big thing?
On the surface, the prospect of a car powered by an infinite and free power source that is never “off” sounds like a dream come true for renewable energy enthusiasts. But as the old adage says, ‘if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”
Check out the following Youtube video from Engineering Explained for an in-depth and wonky overview of the mathematical and engineering challenges of solar-powered cars.
4) Water Battery now Operational In Switzerland
Innovation Engineering. July 2022

A 900 MW 'water battery' that cost Switzerland €2 billion and was under construction for 14 years, is now operational, Euronews reported. The battery is located nearly 2,000 feet (600 m) underground in the Swiss Alps. 
5) Tapping into the million-year energy source below our feet
MIT NEWS July 2022

Woskov, a research engineer in MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center, notes the plant’s power turbine is still intact and the transmission lines still run to the grid. Using an approach he’s been working on for the last 14 years, he’s hoping it will be back online, completely carbon-free, within the decade.
In fact, Quaise Energy, the company commercializing Woskov’s work, believes if it can retrofit one power plant, the same process will work on virtually every coal and gas power plant in the world.
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