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After publishing over a half dozen journal articles and book chapters on the “Hansen Climate Chart”  and its inherent linear relationship between global temperature, sea level, and CO2, which gives it predictive capability, some acknowledgement is finally surfacing. First it was from the Geological Survey of Finland and now from the San Diego Energy District posted on LinkedIn:
“At the San Diego Energy District and the Center for Community Energy we discuss once a week the state of decarbonization. Thomas Valone PhD in March 2021 published a scientific report on the linear relationship of the rate of change of CO2, Temperature and Sea Level Rise. I was shocked as a mathematician about how poorly I understood this calculus. https://lnkd.in/gXw5SPzF - pay particular attention to Section 3. Be prepared to be shocked as well. Without imperative action to reduce CO2 levels to 300 PPM, (413 PPM Today), all coastlines and some interiors will be inundated according to known interglacial and Eocene levels. That change will be non-linear and abrupt as Antarctica and Greenland ice sheets collapse. The world has existed during several epochs without ice. Nature is at bat today, not man.”
Also, www.C2ES.org just had a virtual seminar on "Scaling Carbon Dioxide Removal" now posted on YouTube and IEEE Spectrum just published “Engineers: You can Disrupt Climate Change” both with the idea of gigaton carbon removal from the atmosphere. We can reverse the warming by removing the heat trapping cause.
Our first Story #1 offers an innovative way for urban transportation with a hydrogen-electric vertical takeoff car. The company is Urban Aeronautics https://www.urbanaero.com/ and says that city rooftops are ready for landing. It is great to see two potentially green energy sources be put together in a hybrid vehicle.
Story #2 may vindicate the fans of the ancient Samson mythology since now human hair seems to have a transmitting and receiving antenna capabilities. From a free issue and article on the secrets of bioelectromagnetics, the research focuses on melanin and the neuroreceptors in the follicles. Maybe Elon Musk is interested?
Story #3 gives us hope that solar energy is going gangbusters. The Associated Press is now predicting that solar will power 40% of the US in less than fifteen years. With data from the DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, the increasing use of solar offers such an encouraging projection.
Story #4 gives us a picture of the future stability in the energy grid with 1.6 GWh of the world’s biggest battery being turned on this month. As it states, the role of battery storage in supplying energy has now become even more important with heat waves and blackouts. Therefore, the renewable energy of the world can still be intermittent but make contributions to the battery bank.
Story #5 offers new technology from Polytechnique Montreal called a “cold plasma” which really is just a bunch of charged particles such as ionized air that help plants grow better and faster. Local greenhouses in Quebec are now using the technology. Cision PRWeb today (9/29/21) reports that a company Hydroserre Inc., who benefits from the cold plasma tech for their greenhouse lettuce, peppers, and cucumber industry, operates over 30 hectares of greenhouse production and now uses 100% renewable energy with its a hydroponic system.  


Tom Valone, PhD
1) Hydrogen Fueled Electric Vertical Takeoff Car
H2-VIEW.COM September 2021

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a flying car of the future, and this hydrogen-fuelled electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle is one step closer to becoming a reality.
Urban Aeronautics, behind the plans, on Tuesday (Sep 14) said it has raised the first $10m of a $100m funding round towards CityHawk from private investors in the US, Brazil and Israel.
The Isreal aerospace company says the car-sized, six-seater CityHawk has more in common with birds than with other eVTOL prototypes in existence.
2) Human Hair: Antenna and Transmitter of Bioelectromagnetic Energy and Information
GreenMed Info September 2021

Sayer Ji interviews Karen Elkins on recent discoveries proving that human hair is both an antenna and transmitter of bioelectromagnetic energy and information; a discovery confirming the wisdom of the ancients: human hair possesses profound, if not 'super-natural' capabiliities! For many years, I have reflected on the unique power of human hair, and more specifically, on the role of melanin - an extraordinary molecule found in high concentrations in hair, and whose incredibly unique and powerful properties have been the subject of extensive investigation over the past few decades.
3) Solar Energy will Power 40% of US by 2035
APnews.com September 2021

Solar energy has the potential to supply up to 40% of the nation’s electricity within 15 years — a 10-fold increase over current solar output, but one that would require massive changes in U.S. policy and billions of dollars in federal investment to modernize the nation’s electric grid, a new federal report says.
The report by the Energy Department’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy says the United States would need to quadruple its annual solar capacity — and continue to increase it year by year — as it shifts to a renewable-dominant grid in order to address the existential threat posed by climate change.

4) The World's Biggest Battery Switched On
Engineer LIve.com September 2021

Vistra and LG Energy Solution have powered up the 400MW/1.6GWh Vistra Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility in Monterey County, California. It uses the latter’s Transportable Rack technology, dubbed TR1300.
It’s the world's largest lithium-ion battery energy storage project. “As the California blackouts of August 2020 and heat waves in the West Coast gain national and even global attention, the role of battery energy storage in supplying energy and ensuring quality control becomes even more important,” said Youngjoon Shin, LG Energy Solution’s SVP of ESS business. “Based on our timely experience with the Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility, LG will act as a solutions partner for the expansion of battery energy storage throughout the United States, further contributing to renewable energy for the climate.”
5) Cold Plasma Could Transform Sustainable Farms of the Future
Science News. September 2021

Physicist Stephan Reuter of Polytechnique Montréal spends most days using his expertise in energy and matter to improve medical technologies. Recently though, he stood in a sea of green to consider how a shower of charged particles might affect lettuce. e had been invited to one of the largest commercial greenhouses in Quebec to help the growers rethink the energy of agriculture. Inside the building, encased by glass walls and covering more ground than four soccer fields, thousands upon thousands of lettuce plants floated on polystyrene mats in a hydroponic, or no-soil, growing system. The crop was nearly ready to be picked, packaged and shipped. Reuter’s task was to use physics to help the company, Hydroserre Inc. in Mirabel, reduce its carbon footprint.
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