Special Board Meeting Highlights & Financial Overview

A Special Board Meeting was held on May 8, 2018 to discuss Future Ready D36, the District's Educational Master Facility Plan. At the meeting, the School Board identified how they would like the Core Team to proceed as they refine concepts for Board approval.

Key discussion items included the following:
  • The Board asked the Core Team to focus their work on concepts that include neighborhood schools (rather than the "Transform" concept).
    • This includes further analysis of K-3, K-4 and K-5 models in advance of the May 22, 2018 School Board Meeting.
  • The Board agreed that these baseline components should be included in an Educational Master Facility Plan...
Health, Life Safety Items
ADA Accessibility
Cosmetic Updates
Safety & Security Enhancements
HVAC with Air Conditioning
Domestic Water Pipe Improvements
Electrical Capacity Improvements
  • Currently, all concepts are modeled using the 2018-19 school enrollments - the highest projected enrollment in our current demographic reports. Historical data (and community feedback) suggest that enrollment will eventually rebound. If the Board wants to account for higher enrollment, it needs to provide an enrollment threshold to continue concept modeling, as enrollment impacts square footage and costs.
    • The Board determined that they would like the Core Team to focus on the enrollment average plus one standard deviation.
  • Much has been shared regarding modern learning spaces, informed by site visits, student/teacher experiences, and research.  The Board asked the Core Team to examine a tiered approach to modernizing our schools and provide a recommendation on what future ready updates should be prioritized by grade level.
View the video of the May 8 Special Board Meeting here.

Financial Overview
To listen to a detailed cost analysis on the concepts under consideration, click here. This recording elaborates on what was shared with at the April 24, 2018, School Board Meeting in order to provide further clarity to the community surrounding the financial implications of Future Ready D36 .

The next School Board Meeting will take place at 7:15 p.m. at Hubbard Woods School on May 22, 2018. For further information regarding Future Ready D36 , visit www.winnetka36.org.

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