June 21 2019
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June 20 2019
The fintech space continues to grow at a rapid clip, with innovations in machine learning, standardization, big data and quantum computing. We review several recent trends for their potential impacts on securities finance and collateral.

June 19 2019
The queue methodology maintained by securities lending agents determines which clients get a borrow in order of priority, factoring in additional criteria that line up with a borrower's needs. There's an argument to be made today however that the queue is no longer the best way for agents to allocate loans.

June 18 2019
Most people would agree that the Federal Reserve has become a leading proponent of supporting asset prices. While there is a precedent for this behavior, the Powell Put may not be in economy's best interest.
June 17 2019
Research from the European Central Bank shows that the euro has gained momentum as a global reserve currency while the US dollar has shrunk. Issuers of reserve currencies benefit from great privileges in the market; a growth in the euro at the expense of the dollar should be watched carefully.

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SEC: Wedbush to Pay More Than $8.1 Million for Improper Handling of ADRs

September 24 2019

New York
November 4 2019

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