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restaurant Futurizing Restaurants with Ambient Technology

I liked this quote from the article....

"Technology should be at the will of its users and not the other way around."


Handgards, your Foodservice Solution for the Right Product, Right Task, at the Right Price

For over 60 years Handgards has provided Foodservice Solutions from our product portfolio of Gloves, Bags, Pan Liners, Aprons, Headwear, Plastic, Wood, Bamboo Picks and Skewers. As a result of the Worldwide Pandemic, the right product for the right task is more important than ever, as we regain our ability to conduct business.

Handgards will help you maximize the task functionality for your category spend on disposables, as well as ensure you and your guests of a safe environment.

Handgards has solutions for the Post Covid business environment.



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- Jaime

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