November 30, 2018

Judge Tiffany held the last Ad Hoc meeting for her administrative term. Judge Hodges will serve as the
administrative judge for the 2019 calendar year and will hold the next Family Court Liaison meeting on
February 15th , 2019, at 12:30 in the conference room of the judge’s hallway in the family court

The administrative judge and docketing office will continue to try to accommodate all hearings
requested that deal with time sensitive year-end matters; however, hearing time is limited and there are
no guarantees that requests can be granted so please plan accordingly.

Be sure to always promptly return calls from messages left from the docketing office. Also, please be
sure to note all conflicts on your hearing requests including your client’s conflicts and do note any out of
state litigants as this will give you an “A” status for scheduling.