November 2022
The world’s biggest nations are putting the 2050 net zero carbon targets signed under the Paris Agreement in doubt by moving too slowly to refurbish buildings and cut carbon emissions, warns a major new study conducted by Oxford-based sustainability consultancy 3Keel for global insulation and building envelope solutions manufacturer Kingspan.

U.S. highlights include:
  • Inaugural Global Retrofit Index shows urgent need to speed up refurbishment of buildings to meet the 2050 net-zero carbon targets for the built environment signed under the Paris Agreement.
  • Report finds that U.S. is failing to reduce emissions at the rate required to achieve net zero by 2050. U.S. has no long-term targets for building emissions reductions, retrofit rates or energy efficiency improvements.
  • U.S. trails behind Germany and France at the bottom of the G7 and sits 12th of the G20 in the global retrofit rankings, but even they are not reducing building emissions enough to remain on track for net zero carbon by 2050.
  • The Biden Administration has made it clear that action on building energy use is a vital part of achieving the country’s net zero target. Federal funds have been made available to improve building energy efficiency, including through the Inflation Reduction Act 2022.

No one likes a deferred maintenance backlog hanging over their heads. But many facilities managers struggle to get the budget they need to address it.

Realistically, you aren’t going to get enough money to knock out your entire backlog. But if you go into the budget presentation with solid data to back up your request, you’re likely to get closer to what you need.

You need to fully understand your current backlog, build a data-driven budget, and present it persuasively to leadership.

Learn three steps to build and present a strong budget proposal for your deferred maintenance needs to exponentially increase your chances of getting more budget. 
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Owl Labs, creator of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI)-powered, 360-degree video conferencing solutions, in collaboration with leading remote work research and consulting firm Global Workplace Analytics, has just released its sixth annual State of Remote Work report. Owl Labs surveyed 2,300+ full-time workers across the U.S. to uncover the latest trends and perspectives around remote and hybrid work, from employee tracking software to the four-day workweek.

The State of Remote Work 2022 report reveals what drives employees to quit (and “quiet quit”), the amounts of money that in-office workers shell out on everything from lunch to pet care, the decline of the open plan office, and the rise of task-based hybrid work.

The 24/7 Defend™ air purification portfolio offers in-ceiling air cleaning solutions, both MERV 13 air filtration and UV-C air disinfection. These products are easy to install and retrofit, do not require HVAC integration, and are recognized as best practices by ASHRAE and the EPA’s Clean Air in Buildings Challenge.

In-ceiling air purification is unobtrusive and part of a long-term strategy to improve indoor air quality (IAQ). Reassure building occupants in spaces where they work, learn, heal and play.

Learn more about using 24/7 Defend to achieve superior IAQ at Armstrong Ceilings.
A key ingredient for good indoor air quality (IAQ) is good ventilation. One simple method that can be used to determine if a space is well ventilated is to measure indoor carbon dioxide (CO₂) levels with a CO₂ sensor, and a free online CO₂ tool developed by researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) can aid in a more accurate assessment and understanding about what the sensor readings mean for a particular space.

This greenhouse gas drifts through more than just our skies. CO₂ can be found in the buildings where we live, work and shop, too, as it is part of the air we breathe out. Good ventilation will keep the concentrations of CO₂ and an array of contaminants low. Poor ventilation will allow them to accumulate. How do you know which category your ventilation fits into?

Inspired by Versteel’s metalworking heritage and the possibilities of steel in architecture, Troupe redefines modern industrialism with simple, elevated details. Strong lines and soft curves collide to create a beautifully dynamic aesthetic. The tapered steel legs are formed and layered into an inverted shape to create a light, unique profile. Outfit Troupe with various power and data options, concealing wires within the concave leg.

Specify Troupe with options designed to complement a variety of formal and informal gathering spaces. Choose from three heights and top shapes (rectangle, square, and round) in varying sizes. Mix and match powder coat colors for dual-tone or monochromatic color schemes. Troupe is designed exclusively for Versteel by Qdesign.

For more information about Troupe, visit Versteel.
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The Gridd® adaptive cabling distribution system enables a building to adapt to inevitable technology changes, remain highly functional and operational, and saves money at every stage of its life cycle. An original contributor to the circular economy, Gridd’s fluid, modular design enables moves, adds, and changes without the mess of traditional cabling methods. If a facility manager can avoid contributing to the waste stream, that’s also an added benefit to the company’s ESG commitment.
The Gridd Mobile App makes it even easier for FMs, IT teams, electricians, and maintenance personnel to make power and data cabling. Gridd Mobile provides augmented reality (AR), technical support, as-built drawings, how-to videos, original site pictures, and product information conveniently accessible on a smartphone or tablet.
Gridd Mobile allows facility technicians to see exact power, voice, and data cabling locations through the floor in an instant, making systems’ changes quick and easy. Gridd Mobile improves the life of your facility, allowing future facility teams, even years from now, to make moves, adds, and changes to the same space with ease. When using Gridd Mobile, there is no knowledge lost between teams.
The Power to Change just got easier with Gridd Mobile.
The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has awarded more than $31 million in grants to expand cargo infrastructure at nine airports across the United States. The projects at these airports will help expedite the movement of goods throughout the country. U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg stated, "Every day, we rely on goods transported through our nation’s airports. Today’s announcement will make improvements at airports across our country so they can handle cargo more efficiently and help strengthen America’s supply chains."

The funding includes:
  • Chicago Rockford International Airport in Rockford, Illinois — $6,799,210: Construct a 4,267-foot taxiway and connectors to increase access to the south cargo apron.
  • Huntsville International Airport-Carl T. Jones Field in Huntsville, Alabama — $5,614,732: Rehabilitate 5,600 square yards of the existing air cargo apron and expand the airport’s existing access road an additional 1,450 feet to enhance access. 

Global real estate and professional services firm JLL just announced it is delivering strategic facilities management (FM) support to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) for three terminals and five parking garages. This agreement enables DFW to utilize JLL’s expertise to create efficiencies and maintain the integrity of the building operating systems, while also providing general repair and maintenance work. JLL is providing comprehensive maintenance and repair services for Terminals B, D and E, including Skylink Facilities in Terminals A and C, all five of the terminal garages, and the computer room air-conditioning systems at Terminals A and C.

"At DFW Airport, we always seek innovative ways to maintain our facilities that ensure a clean, working and friendly environment," said Khaled Naja, executive vice president of Infrastructure and Development for DFW Airport. "Our customers depend on DFW for a seamless travel experience, and with the help of JLL, we will be able to provide that to them. We look forward to our partnership with JLL, as we know they deliver high-level service that will exceed customer expectations."