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October 2021
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Plumbing Riser Replacement
G3 Construction Group specializes in managing capital improvement projects such as plumbing riser replacements. Our project management team ensures that each project is professionally managed from pre-construction assessment to completion.

If a building is experiencing widespread water supply issues, it may be time to replace the plumbing installation. If the following issues are present in your building, a plumbing riser upgrade may be the solution:

  • Insufficient water pressure
  • Colored water
  • Excessively hot showerhead water
  • Water leaks

In short, a piping upgrade is necessary if the existing installation is no longer able to deliver enough water, or if quality has become unacceptable due to rust contamination. Partial upgrades are not recommended because they result in contact between new and old piping, which accelerates corrosion due to the materials difference; old piping normally uses galvanized steel, while new installations use copper, brass or stainless steel.

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Project Spotlight
Edgewater Condominium Association
Chicago, Il
Emergency Riser Replacement

G3 was engaged by this Edgewater Condo Association to manage a critical riser replacement project. Prior to the start of this project, leaks were found while replacing adjacent insulation. The extremely poor condition of the piping lead to this emergency riser replacement. G3's work included:
  • Obtain all permits, licenses, and approvals
  • Coordinate activities/schedule of all subcontractors, including daily COVID-19 screening, including temperature checks, face coverings, sanitizing stations, etc.
  • On-site superintendent to ensure project efficiency
  • Weekly progress meetings and daily construction reports
  • Coordination with unit occupants to minimize conflicts and facilitate occupant usage
  • Lobby monitor updating to keep residents informed of the project's progress
  • Community coordinator to field calls, emails, etc. from unit owners while scheduling unit work
  • Unit protection and final daily cleaning
After the piping replacement, the drywall was repaired and repainted in units, corridors, and stairwells.
Our Project Management team's diligent and efficient approach to this project enabled the entire replacement to be completed within one week. 

Park Ridge Tenant Improvement Project
Park Ridge, Il
G3 performed this tenant improvement project for Cenveo in Park Ridge, IL. The scope of work included:
  • Obtain all permits, licenses, and approvals
  • Pre-construction project review and submittal release
  • Selective demolition
  • Drywall opening for installation of electrical conduits and metal backing; patching/taping/sanding for new painted finish
  • Electrical work including disconnection for demolition, furnish/install devices and conduit systems
  • Carpet installation
  • Furniture installation and staging
  • Project close out
G3 understands the need to build these projects in a time and cost-efficient manner so that businesses may begin operating in their new space. This project was finished in just under 6 weeks for the client.

Industry Trends
COVID-19 Response
With the COVID-19 Delta variant cases rising, we want to remind you of our Environmental Health and Safety practices safely support our ongoing projects. Our on-site protocol includes:

  • daily temperature checks
  • designated entrance/exit points
  • mandatory face coverings and social distancing
  • frequent use of hand sanitizer
  • poly erected containment utilized to isolate work areas from the public
  • HEPA filtered air scrubbers used to continually clean the air of contaminants including airborne viruses and improve the indoor air quality
Other News
October is National Indoor Air Quality Awareness Month
G3's sister company, Hygieneering incorporates proven and established industrial hygiene principles and assessments tools. Their services provide facilities with a proactive approach to maintaining healthy and comfortable indoor air quality. These services are appropriate for newly built spaces, renovated spaces where HVAC modifications have occurred, as well as for IAQ complaint situations. They can also help with LEED certification and green building designation.