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December 10, 2020
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Gold Coast High-rise
Chicago, IL
Plumbing Riser Replacement

G3 was engaged by the Board at Gold Coast Galleria Condominium Association to manage this extensive project which replaced the plumbing risers on 34 floors. Work included:

  • Obtain all permits, licenses, and approvals
  • Coordinate activities/schedule of all subcontractors
  • On-site superintendent to ensure project efficiency
  • Weekly progress meetings and daily construction reports
  • Coordination with unit occupants to minimize conflicts and facilitate occupant usage
  • Lobby monitor updating to keep residents informed of the project's progress
  • Community coordinator to field calls, emails, etc. from unit owners while scheduling unit work
  • Unit protection and final daily cleaning

Horizontal piping was replaced on the 34th, 20th, and 7th floors, as well as the piping within 198 units. 
After the piping replacement, the drywall was repaired and repainted in units, corridors, and stairwells.
With cost savings generated by the Project Management team, approximately $30,000 was returned to the Association. 
Lincoln Park High-rise
Chicago, IL
Garage Renovation

G3 was engaged by the Association Board at this Lincoln Park high-rise to manage a critical garage repair project. The work ranged from simple crack repairs and tuckpointing to full scale membrane replacement and painting of the entire interior and exterior of the garage. The scope of work included:

  • Remove & replace 100% of existing light fixtures with high efficacy, motion sensitive, LED fixtures.
  • Exterior sealant replacement
  • Rout & seal all significant cracks in need of being pretreated prior to membrane installation
  • Install new waterproofing membrane system
  • Remove all garage wheel stops and replace with new concrete wheel stops
  • Apply highly reflective garage coating at walls, ceilings, and columns
  • Install new line striping to match existing layout
  • Clean, prepare, and paint all exposed surfaces at all parking levels within the garage
  • At the exterior walls of the above ground garage, prepare, prime as necessary, and paint new and existing concrete on all garage elevations as specified
  • Remove/dispose of all existing drain bodies and install new drain assemblies
  • CMU wall rebuild- remove/replace deteriorated concrete masonry
  • Miscellaneous grinding and tuckpointing of mortar joints throughout garage stairwell

With cost savings generated by the project management team, this Association was able to have additional renovations performed outside the original scope of work.
Lincoln Park High-rise
Chicago, IL
Door Modifications
​G3 was engaged by the Association Board at the Lincoln Park high-rise to manage a door modification project which included the removal and upgrading of the buildings existing door systems. The scope of work included:
  • Demo of door systems to be replaced
  • Provide and install balanced door as listed in specifications
  • Provide and install new storefront door and transom with electronic lock and automatic operator
  • Remove and replace sealants as specified
  • Ancillary electrical scope related to new balance and storefront doors
  • Remove and replace interior perimeter sealant as specified
With cost savings generated by the project management team, $22,000 was returned to the Association. 
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Happy Holidays from G3!
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Industry Trends
With the harsh winter months upon us, it's time to start thinking about your property's emergency response/disaster recovery protocol. G3's ERIC program is disaster recovery project management, on call 24/7/365, that provides a one call system to properly protect first responder and facility occupants' health and safety, as well as the future value and reputation of your real estate asset. There is no cost to enroll! Learn more here, or contact Zack Dubs to sign up today!
COVID-19 Response
G3's Environmental Health and Safety practices safely support our ongoing projects. Our on-site protocol includes:
  • daily temperature checks
  • designated entrance/exit points
  • mandatory face coverings and social distancing
  • frequent use of hand sanitizer
  • poly erected containment utilized to isolate work areas from the public
  • HEPA filtered air scrubbers used to continually clean the air of contaminants including airborne viruses and improve the indoor air quality